A Star Wars: Rebels screenshot featuring Ahsoka

‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Season 4: New Evidence On Ahsoka’s Return As A Force Wielder

It looks like Ahsoka will finally make her long-awaited Star Wars: Rebels return come Season 4, at least based on the latest evidence to emerge about the hit animated series.

In an installment of Rebels Recon, the official Star Wars behind-the-scenes show held on YouTube, a new artwork for Star Wars: Rebels Season 4 teasing an unfortunate fate for the Mandalorians was showcased.

As the Star Wars: Rebels Season 4 teaser image was unveiled for fans, the music playing in the background was Ahsoka’s theme, as pointed out by Star Wars analyst YouTuber, Star Wars HQ.

The show also came out with a clip accompanying the reveal that both new and old faces will be featured in Star Wars: Rebels Season 4. Ahsoka was one of the characters featured in the montage.

This had the fan site believing that Ahsoka is not as dead as she seemed in the second season when she appears to have been killed in a supercharged battle against her former master, Darth Vader.

Darth Vader and Ahsoka battle in Star Wars: Rebels Season 2
A Star Wars: Rebels Season 2 still showing Ahsoka and Darth Vader’s showdown. [Image by Disney and Lucasfilm Animation]

According to Star Wars HQ, Ahsoka might return in Star Wars: Rebels Season 4 as a Force wielder much like Bendu, who fans saw take an elemental form in the Season 3 finale.

It is speculated that Ahsoka will show up the same way he did in Star Wars: Rebels by manifesting herself first to the remaining Jedi only. This means that not everyone will see her, but the right people will.

As more similarities with Bendu are being unearthed, fans are given more reasons to believe that not only Ahsoka survived her battle with Vader, but she is also coming back a full-on Force wielder in Star Wars: Rebels Season 4.

Fans will remember that Ahsoka replaced her green lightsabers with white ones (the color represents a Force-sensitive being who is in between the light and the dark side) after she left the Jedi circle. This is her sending the message that like Bendu, she embodies both of the clashing sides of the Force.

Bendu as seen in Star Wars: Rebels
A Star Wars: Rebels still showing Bendu. [Image by Disney and Lucasfilm Animation]

More to the point, supervising director and producer Dave Filoni also showed off artwork in a panel that strongly hinted Ahsoka is not done with Star Wars: Rebels, and Season 4 is expected to mark her triumphant return.

In the images, Ahsoka appears to be guided by a convor as she transitions into a new world and is set to come out as a Force wielder, although nothing is set in stone yet at the moment.

Despite this, Filoni promised at last year’s Star Wars Celebration, as quoted by TV Web, that Ahsoka would return to Star Wars: Rebels. It is just a matter of when will the right time be to bring her back into the picture.

It obviously did not happen in Season 3, but with more pieces of evidence coming into view, the upcoming season of Star Wars: Rebels is now the best bet.

“The only thing I’ve said is that most likely, probably when it’s a character I really like. And honestly I like Ahsoka. That it is going to be hard to kill her off. If it was someone like Vader that would make sense, but, I’m not going to say in what way, but it is likely that you might not have seen the last of Ahsoka Tano. Let’s just say that.”

Aside from Ahsoka, more characters from Star Wars: Clone Wars are expected to make an appearance in Star Wars: Rebels Season 4. The list includes the beloved Saw Gerrera.

The character, who was portrayed by Forest Whitaker in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and is also voiced by the actor in the animated hit, was central to the two-part “Ghosts of Geonosis” installment of Star Wars: Rebels Season 3, but his stint is not done yet.

Star Wars: Rebels Season 4 is currently in development. Fans will get their first look at the new season at the Star Wars Celebration set to take place April 13 to 16.

[Featured Image by Disney and Lucasfilm Animation]