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Jay Cutler Ties J’Marcus Webb’s Shoe During Huddle [Video]

Jay Cutler hasn’t been the same since his concussion. And that’s a good thing. The Chicago Bears quarterback was spotted smiling on the field, joking with teammates, and at one point he bent down to tie the shoe of his offensive lineman J’Marcus Webb.

Yes, J’Marcus Webb. The same offensive lineman that Cutler chewed out at the beginning of the season.

After the game Cutler said: “I loosened it. Tied it. I guess my fatherly instincts are kicking in.”

Awwww, how cute. Cutler then gave a more serious answer saying that J’Marcus Webb was moving a little slow and he didn’t want to call a timeout because of a loose shoelace.

Cutler said: “I was trying to keep the drive going so we didn’t have to call a timeout.”

Jay, who didn’t play last week because of a concussion, returned to the field without any fear. Most quarterbacks will slide after a scramble to avoid an unnecessary hit. Cutler, however, throughout a stiff arm early in the game on A.J. Jefferson. After the play the quarterback was given an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty because he started taunting the Vikings defense.

Here’s a video of Cutler tying J’Marcus Webb’s shoe.

And here’s the whole (Jay Cutler) story.

The Chicago Bears are currently at the top of their division with an 8-3 record. Things were a little shaky with their starting QB off the field last week but Cutler was able to turn things around against the Minnesota Vikings and is now being considered for the league’s MVP.

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