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Jamie Foxx: ‘Give Honor To Our Lord And Savior … Barack Obama’ [Video]

Jamie Foxx says give honor to God and Barack Obama

Actor Jamie Foxx is stirring some controversy in the conservative blogosphere this morning after saying that we should give honor to God and our lord and savior Barack Obama during an awards show on Sunday.

The Oscar-winning actor made the curiously flattering comments about the newly re-elected President Obama at the Soul Train Music Awards, which aired over the weekend.

“First of all, give an honor to God and our lord and savior Barack Obama,” Foxx proclaims in the clip.

BET, the station that aired the Soul Train Music Awards, reportedly used this clip during promotional rounds leading up to the program.

Though it’s not quite as bad as the cold headline appears (Foxx pauses between “God” and the rest of his comment to allow for applause) the dramatic verbiage makes it pretty clear who Foxx supported during this election cycle.

Regardless, Foxx is receiving a ribbing for his words from conservative bloggers like Noel Sheppard, who responded “I guess Obama really IS the messiah.”

Foxx is not alone in expressing his happiness over President Obama’s second term re-election. Many other celebrities have made similar comments since Election Day. Another Oscar-winning actor, Daniel Day-Lewis, referenced Clint Eastwood’s now-infamous “empty chair” RNC appearance during an acceptance speech, telling “President Obama” that he’s grateful for his re-election (despite his admission that as a Brit, he doesn’t have much say).

Here’s the video of Jamie Foxx giving honor to God and “our lord and savior Barack Obama.” What do you think of his comments? Controversial? No big deal? Sound off!

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142 Responses to “Jamie Foxx: ‘Give Honor To Our Lord And Savior … Barack Obama’ [Video]”

  1. Pat Kimball

    That was such a stupid thing to say…whether you voted for Obama or not…he is not devine in any way…I support him as President of the United States, but I do not worship him. I give my praise to God and so should Jamie Foxx.

  2. Brian Stomps

    Its a person praising the GIMMEE President which I will never support.

  3. Benjamin House

    And God spake all these words, saying,

    I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.


    Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

  4. Mary Jane Day

    Horrible, horrible, horrible. I don't have anything for the entertainers much anyway, but, this is following a man because of his color. What has he done for Jamie Foxx? We better all hold on tight, it is going to be a very bumpy ride the next 4 years. I hope and pray we all make it. I will because I know who the real Lord and Savior is and it is not an earthly man and it certainly isn't Pres. Obama…..He sure better take another look and rethink this…

  5. Alan Kentch

    Reminds me of a catfish dinner I shi''ed in New Orleans a couple of years back. Oscar nod, what a joke. He should stick to comedy. Only Damon Wayons is the funny one in that inceseced clan…

  6. Allen Taylor

    Jamie Foxx must not be a God fearing man. I wouldn't want to tempt God with comments such as that. I'm a follower of God not just a fan. When things get bad as they will soon let's see who Jamie calls upon. Obama's line will be busy.

  7. Anonymous

    I join Jamie Foxx in giving praise to our Lord and Saviour Barack Obama, who won the election for our sins! Evil blasphemers!

  8. Nathan Jackson

    Jamie Foxx was completely out of line with his comment he made on the awards. There is only one God that I know of, and it's not Obama. I support the man but not just for his color. Mr. Foxx needs to be taught the difference.

  9. Howard Swift

    I also support President Obama, but I am a true christian and know that you are not supposed to worship anyone but GOD. Jamie needs to rethink what he has said. In the end he will regret his choice of words. I hope and pray President Obama doesn't think he is God. If so, he alaso has another thing coming. GOD put President Obama back in office. He needs to be thinking the LORD.

  10. Bert Brown

    Really!!! Why would Jamie need a "Gimme" president. It wasn't that serious to have all the nasty comments!!! Jamie Foxx makes his living telling jokes get real people.

  11. Chevanese Van Dyke

    and you should stick to facts because Wayans and Foxx aren't related

  12. Pat Kimball

    Common, Bert, I know Jamie has a lot of money, all the actors do…but what he said was not funny….

  13. Claudette Webb

    People: Wake Up! The Republicans want to still cut Medicare, Medicaid and Other implemented programs. Medicare is a program that we have paid into out of our own earned wages. What are older people, as well as the yonger ones who still have to grow old and survive in the future supposed to do? I just don't understand people who do not support our President. He is trying to help us all survive. White people, Black people and other people need these programs; Most of us especially older ones, are already using these programs, including White people, Brown people, Yellow people, etc., Come on people, stop the hate! Jamie Foxx is a comedian! Get real! Stop hating on supporters of the President and then claiming to be a child of God. This just boggles my mind.

  14. John William Thompson

    I pray that Jesus teaches him a lesson, the hard way. It is time to stand up and quit letting these people blaspheme.

  15. Anonymous

    yet we as a nation place money and ourselves before "God" on a daily basis…

  16. Darrick Reid

    He didn't say Barack Obama was "Our Lord and Savior". He paused! which Meant he had started a new phrase. He was just showing that he was happy that Obama was reelected. Damn, ya'll are so ready to see someone burn in hell that you want to be the ones carrying the torch. Calm down!

  17. Anonymous

    I may not calling any mortal man a savior, but where are these right wing nut when Donald trump and other racist clown are asking him for birth certificates or Pat Robert saying what God is thinking. Give me a break right wing hypocrites go suck on a lemon.

  18. Tonya Jackson

    It was just a joke…if you know who your Lord and Savior is, then you don't have anything to worry about. Some of these people want to jump on Jamie's case but what about all of the racism that is alive today in America…do you think Jesus is happy with that and that means racism from all races. Some of these comments are killing me as if some of them have never did anything wrong…everybody wants to be "holier than thou," nowadays. Last I heard God was a forgiving God. It was a joke, get over it!

  19. Jacqueline Tinsley

    Mary Jane don't get your panties in a bunch. Do you know who your Lord and Savior is? Jamie does comedy and it was funny. I think "GOD" was laughing also. GOD has a sense of humor because he made all of us.

  20. Anonymous

    He is a comedian you dingleberries, get with the program! Jamie Foxx is great talent! Love ya OBAMA! You're doing a hell of a job!

  21. Steven Robinson

    I'm an Atheist and even I hope "your" God smacks his @$$ down! This is a joke! Hey Obama lovers… This is what you have in your "group"! I love it…

  22. Demetrius Jordan

    Ok, to the culturally ignorant….In the African American church, we often start any statement with the phrase "First giving honor to God and my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ",. The audience at the "Soul Train Awards" understood this and was waiting for him to finish the line that is almost boilerplate to our culture when the comedian flipped it and dropped the Presidents name into the sentence. There was never a feeling that Mr. Obama was a "Lord and Saviour". If you had ever heard the traditional statement you would get the joke.

  23. Joe Morris

    Naw, Obama is God. Come on now. I just didn't know God smoked crack and pot in HI with a drug dealer named Ray…Amazing.

  24. Joe Morris

    Bert – has God shipped your Obama phone yet? I hear you get free mins! Free Free Free

  25. Phil Perry

    There was a pause after God; there was no pause between Lord and Savior and Barak Obama. I am not condemning the man to Hell, but I think Mr. Foxx is over the top in his praise of the president. Mr Obama is nowhere close in comparison to Jesus Christ.

  26. Anonymous

    God is not even real so why are people getting so mad? Brain washed squares.

  27. Anonymous

    God is not even real so why are people getting so mad? Brain washed squares.

  28. Sandra D. Pointer

    I am not a racist, but I am a Christian. Some things are NOT to be joked about and that is one of them. My Lord and Savior is Jesus Christ! Barack Obama is the President of the United States. Anyone to make a statement like this is STUPID. And it's blasphemous. I thought that Doug E. Fresh had made the statement.

  29. Angie Withers

    our lord and savior obama, I DONT think so,
    OUR Lord and Savior is Jesus Christ.

  30. John William Thompson

    Trey Joking about Jesus, the Savior. What if we told a racist joke and said it was just a joke? You would go crazy, but you think he can joke about the Christian Savior. What kind of fool are you?

  31. Angie Withers

    OH MY, this is such blasphemy, JESUS CHRIST is our lord and savior.

  32. Jade Smalls

    Remember people none of us have a Heaven nor a Hell to put anyone in, so stop being so judgemental and critical. Jamie Foxx is human and at the end of the day we all have said something not pleasing to God. We were not born saved! And at the end of day as long as you know the difference and whom you serve that is all that matters.

  33. Anna Kole

    Trey Jenkins It wasn't a funny joke and it was a stupid one….only if you really call yourself a Christian. Now lets "joke" about Obama being Muhammad and see how many muslims laugh at the clown.

  34. Patty Eyler

    You all are missing one thing, it is not just Jamie Foxx who agrees! The crowd, very few cheered for God when they thought it was God he was speaking of. Once he said Barack Obama… THEY REALLY CHEERED. You do not understand how really terrible this, you just don't understand on soooo many levels. Ponder it…. This is frightening for the future of this country. Did Barack rebuke it? I don't know. But, if he didn't and you who say you "believe" in the Holy God of the Holy Bible and think you have a place with him but still support a man who accepted the place of God (if he did not rebuke the statement) then you are not understanding Jehovah God of the Holy scriptures and you have no place with him even if you think so. This has gone way too far over the edge and is serious and I hope all of you will consider the situation more fully. I do not stand with either "men" or anyone else that does. This statement is one that draws the line in the sand… if Barack did not disclaim it, then he claimed it and the words belong to him as well. UNBELIEVABLE….

  35. Kathalese White

    Mary Jane shame on you to make your response about a lost soul a racist rant!! Yes Jamie spoke out of ignorance but this has nothing to do with his reasons for voting for the canidate of his choice. We live in a free country and vote anyway we want. If you are a follower of Christ that is defintely not the response Christ would have given. The Bible says that we are to correct in Love and Kindness and if you can't find it in your heart for a postive correction then you should go back and pick up your Bible. Always be kind!

  36. Patty Eyler


  37. Patty Eyler

    ARE YOU FOR REAL… THESE ARE NOT LIGHT "JOKING" WORDS. It is stepping big time over the line. You obviously are not a person of faith for God.

  38. Kathalese White

    Joe that was just uncalled for. The election is over now lets move on and stick to the subject at hand. Living in the past will never help you move forward.

  39. Rony Maurival

    Trey Jenkins … You just don't play with a certain things or names as well… It has absolutely nothing to do with the color of his skin, as a Christian i'm offended by the pathetic comment… I would never support a Democrat candidate, cause the poor moral judgment…

  40. Anonymous

    The little picture, "Jamie Foxx' is a fool. The big picture if I may elucidate goes like this. The entitlements the poor, dislocated workers, ex- home owners, small business, conservatives, liberals and the unemployed are dependent on government aid and pork…plus a few more entitlements implemented since the New Deal which was already in place before Barack Obama took office as President. He is just carrying on the "New Deal' President Theodore Roservelt implemented during his Presidency from 1933 to 1936. By the Secret Society's (Masons, Illuminati's, etc…) power over our government and the investment bankers, America was plunged into the "Great Depression!'

    The fact that Americans were and are suffering through a Great Depression which was man made now requires a solution. The solution always causes people to be more dependent on the state and the "Government for security and survival.. The elite's motto is "Ordo Ad Chao," meaning Order Out of Chaos. Simply put, the elite "Create a Crisis, Wait for the bloody cry of the people for relief, then the criminals who caused the problem bring a fix with a Solution i.e., in the form of more power over the people, less freedom and a money grab by changing the laws. The objective is to break the "Back Bone" of America. With America's back bone as an Independent Sovereign Nation with it's own Government, Constitution, Financial Base and a strong Military broken…then America can be assimilated into NWO.

    Fact is Barack has done little to improve conditions for the impoverished in America, neither has he hurt it worse than any other "President" before him. But this is not seen by liberals or conservatives alike. All Jamie Foxx sees is a "God" in the form of a Black Man. Obama is no more a god than you or I. As the scripture states in KJV 82:6, "I have said, You are gods; and all of you are children of the most High." However, it continues to say in the 7th verse, " But you shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes." "Jamie Foxx" foolishly called President Barack Obama "God, Lord and Savior." stated. We are all "gods" but their is no comparison when you understand the word "god" and it's difference from the word "Creator!" There is no contest. For even "Satan" is called the "God" of the world in the Bible. But, he is no "Creator. Therefore, as a "Black Man," I have lost all respect for "Jamie Fox" as an entertainer and a "Man" of intelligence, character and integrity. This situation is not helped by Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and other conservative calling Obama the "Messiah" either. Jamie Foxx has opened his mouth and proven himself to be a fool.

  41. Kathalese White

    I pray not for we have all fallen and come short of the glory of God!! If he get what he deserves how about you? How about all of us. That is why God gives us grace and mercy!!

  42. Keith Pitts

    Jesus Christ, the son of God, is our only Lord and Savior. He was crucified and shed His blood for the forgiveness of my sins and the sins of everyone, including Mr. Foxx, and even those who don't believe He exist. Just think of someone you love, and you have all the proof necessary for His existence, for it is written, "…God is love." (1 John 4:8).

  43. Kathalese White

    I think we see him acting in movies that most of us forgot he was a comedian first by trade. Nevertheless he should be corrected in love and kindness. That is the word of God!

  44. Eve Shumpert

    I am a Christian and recognize my lord and savior as Jesus Christ. I also am a fan of Jaime Foxx and anyone is familiar with Jaime knows that he too believes in Jesus Christ as his lord and savior and that he is a COMEDIAN. If this comment was coming from an athiest ie Rickey Gervais, then I wold be upset because I know that it was against God and more than a little joke. The bigger evil is the media making a scene of this joke but not really caring about God at all.

  45. Rick Skelton

    Jamie Foxx is a piece of shit….and if Obama hasn't called him out and publicly apologized for Jamie's blasphemy, he's every much a piece of shit as Jamie!!!! SMH God (not Obama) help this country

  46. Rick Skelton

    Jamie Foxx is a piece of shit….and if Obama hasn't called him out and publicly apologized for Jamie's blasphemy, he's every much a piece of shit as Jamie!!!! SMH God (not Obama) help this country

  47. Alina Towns

    If you know Jamie Foxx humor, it was a joke! It wasn't funny but it was a joke.
    I'm pretty sure you weren't watching "soul train music awards" :-) to hear him laugh at his own joke.

  48. Ty Richards

    What's really funny is that he said what a lot of black folk really feel lmao…I mean seriously since when have you seen this many of "us" interested in politics NEVER! It's because he's black for more than half of our race and if not please tell me what policies you voted for by actual fact checking…Because if you did your research you would know that this re-election is not at all good for our country as a whole…So Yes most black folk treat him like their lord and saviour…

  49. Anonymous


  50. Anonymous

    Why are people so uptight about everything. It's a wise crack….that's all. Even Jesus is ROTFL.

  51. Anonymous

    I knew some fool would one day come out and say what they say behind their closets! Wow

  52. Robin Hibbard-Cappuccino

    This proves how much of a racist he is. A few years back he called a 16 year old white singer, "A Cracker Whore" and got away with it. No one seemed to care he said such a racist remark about a child.

  53. Ishmael Haynes

    It is not a joke to use God's title of redemption for men towards anyone else but God son, Jesus Christ.

  54. Liz Rucker

    @Mary Jane Day, so you think and assume that all entertainers follow Obama because he's black. So It's not possible they agree with his ideas. Im sure that makes you feel better. That attitude is why republicans lost. Hear me, there are now more of us minorities, black, brown, yellow, LGT, poor people, sick people, old people, fallen middle class people than people who think like you. So based on your logic you didnt vote for Obama because he's black? Is that what youre trying to say in a passive aggressive way.

  55. Keena Benning

    I watch it automatically processed it as the ending to God not a title for Obama. That is a common church phrase…..'Giving honor to God OUR Lord &savior.' But I can see how it sounded like a run on sentence

  56. Liz Rucker

    I dont like the comment Jamie Foxx made and I dont agree with it. The President is not my Lord and Saviour. That comment was meant to be a joke. But you would rather assume its a black conspiracy for Barack Obama to rule the world.

  57. Jim Creamer

    Obama is nothing but a lieing piece of crap he is the worst of his kind he needs to go and so dont people like you Darrick you sheeple

  58. Liz Rucker

    A lot of people dont believe in God. Celebrities are known for having alternative belief systems. I stopped following Kathy Griffin when she said "F Jesus, her Emmy was her God." Comedians dont always have the best judgement theyre performng.

  59. Carol Golembiewski

    I saw the video before it was taken down (what's that all about?). Comedian or not – what he said was way out of line. Let's quit making excuses for him. What he said was stupid and inappropriate.

    And in case you want to throw down the "R" word – I'd be outraged no matter what his color. But I have noticed that the people defending him here the most are posters of color. Let's knock this crap off and start calling people out for their stupidity regardless of their ethnicity. Otherwise I'll have no problems calling these posters out for the racism.

  60. Carol Golembiewski

    FYI – I attended an almost all black church in Fort Myers, FL (I was one of 16 whites in that church) for almost 2 yrs.. Don't hand me that "culturally ignorant" crap either.

  61. Antoinette Jeff

    Jaime Foxx is a comedian by trade. Sure I can see where it may offend some people, but it was a joke! Maybe not in good taste to some….but its a joke! Don't get your panties all up in a bunch. If you are such a follower of his (Jesus) teachings, then you wouldn't be so judgemental. "Let He who is without sin, cast the first stone".

  62. Brandy Jackson Hagston

    The "New Deal" president was Franklin Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt was his uncle and served from 1901-1909 and, as he died in 1919, he did not live to see the Great Depression. I agree though, that Jamie Foxx made a foolish comment, even though, I'm sure, he thought it was all in fun. I also agree that Obama has done very little to help improve conditions in America, if anything, as he still seems to be voting "present" rather than doing anything really productive. He seems to me to act like a child because he has been known to throw tantrums when he doesn't get his way and he resorts to namecalling and alienating the public at every turn. But I agree, Jamie Foxx did prove himself foolish for his comments.

  63. Mimi Rashaad

    @Carol Golembiewski of color huh? Nah…no need for the "R" word. God bless you :-)

  64. Tril Vonn

    Hes' a Comedian people… get over it, its not a White or Black thing… Sheesh!

  65. Kay Cee

    Now, that is BS. He was a better candidate and not a flip-flopper. So, even if he was evil, he was the better of two evils.

  66. Walt Clinton

    Jamie Foxx saying something like this shouldn't surprise anyone. He's a good actor and funny as hell but let's be honest, he ain't got sense enough to get in out of the rain. If you ever see him in an interview you'll notice he has no "grown folk filter". Stuff just comes out of his mouth. Give him a break. He's not smart enough to know he's saying something stupid.

  67. Julius T. Crawford Jr.

    Matthew 7:3
    Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?
    John 8:7
    And as they continued to ask him, he stood up and said to them, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”.
    No doubt Jamie knew exactly what he was doing. Jamie Foxx grew up in the church and knows the bible in and out, better then you and I. It was a joke, if you don’t like it move on. Geezzz! People love to talk God and act as though they walk with Christ but don’t want to feed and help take care of the poor and less fortunate. Go figure, maybe you overlook that scripture too. Hit me back and I will send it to you.

  68. Tripp Sanders

    I at one time thought Jamie Foxx was a top notch comedian and a very cool individual. But Jamie Foxx has become in his mind, much larger, than he really is. Jamie is really a funny guy… to be exact… Jamie Foxx is a JOKE! Nothing ugly to say here… only calling it what it is… Jamie is a Joke… and like all jokes… he will be forgotten!

  69. Julius T. Crawford Jr.

    1 Corinthians 5:12-13 ESV
    For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge? God judges those outside. “Purge the evil person from among you.” Relax miss, there is truth in Demetrius words.

  70. Vina Bennett

    Nathan I’m sure you mean well, but this is what Apostle Paul taught concerning those who are without Christ in their lives. 1 Corinthians 5:11-13 – “But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolator, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat. For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within? But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.” Soul Train was a secular music show. Secular music is music that has no concern for religion. That means with the world anything goes, because Christ is not the center of their lives. True Christians are the salt and light of the world, not unsaved celebrities. Unsaved people are under the influence of the devil; their very lives dishonor God.

  71. Karen Pierce Jernigan

    I don't joke about things like that. It's called blasphemy. I cannot and will not relax about it.

  72. Karen Pierce Jernigan

    don't include everyone in the nation with that statment.

  73. Roger A. Redford

    I"m NOT an Obama fan. Not at all. But should we really take Jame Foxx seriously? NOT!

  74. Alberta Brett

    Well, the Bible says "What's in the Heart, comes out of the mouth."

  75. Mary Jane Day

    Liz Rucker, it was not a joke, he meant it. I am probably one of the lease racial people you would ever meet. I am always giving people the benefit of the doubt. I usually see the best in everyone. I have heard other races say that they voted for Pres. Obama to be the first black president we have had. I heard lots of people say they voted for him last time to help him become the first black president, but, didn't vote for him this time because of all the promises he made and didn't keep. Because of the ecomony going down, unemployment up, food prices up, gas prices up and so on and so on and so. I said I would vote for a black president, man or woman if their beliefs were the same as mine. Not that I am right in all things. BUT, I am a Christian. Red and Yellow Black or White we are precious in His sight. You can't call yourself a Christian and vote for someone with his beliefs or unbeliefs. I do pray for him and his family everyday and I will continue to do so. No, don't say I didn't vote for Pres. Obama because he s black, I didn't vote for him because he stands for everything I don't. All I know is that the country is going down hill in a fast way. This is not just me saying this. We better all be praying for Pres. Obama and this country.

  76. Marlon Floyd

    We have enough pressure on us as is, and you with the viewing of millions of people call the black president…you substitute the name of Christ with Barack. I assure you this guy dosent speak for all of us. SN. I'm trying real hard not to call you fruity since I mentioned the Lord in this post…yall forgive me.

  77. Anonymous

    It just goes to show how brain-washed blacks are in this country. It's like on the tribute to Eddie Murphy last week when they showed Stevie Wonder and it looked like he was praising God, but instead he was calling the name Barack Obama. I've spoken to a number of black people (I refuse to say African-American) who voted for Obama strictly based on racism, not caring that he's the most failed President since Jimmy Carter. Oh well, that's entertainment….

  78. Marlon Floyd

    Whites, Blacks, Mexicans, even President Obama himself should check comments like this from anybody. We as a people should all call him out for this.

  79. Glen Barnes

    If you listen he says "and our lord and savior Barack Obama"…….not, God our lord and savior and Barack Obama". Has nothing to do with being a hater. Just calling a douchebag a douchebag and in this case it is Jamie Foxx!

  80. Chris Williams

    I think I'm done with any company that would support Mr. Foxx… and I hope others would too! But this is America and he does have his right to say what he likes but I also have the right to NOT spend my money with companies that would promote him….This is very sad where America is going if this is how people really think! God Bless everyone and even Mr. Foxx…

  81. Dawn Clark

    No, Chris, God doesn't have a sense of humor when it comes to putting someone else on the throne. God's number one commandment was to have NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME. That's why so many nations were wiped out in the Old Testament. God hates idolatry more than any other sin. THAT sin alone is the one that could destroy our nation.

  82. Roger A. Redford

    If Foxx had said something to the effect of: "Obama is Allah" , the extremist wings of the Muslims would be threatening to kill him. As a Christian, I am offended, but I must forgive.

  83. Sherry Alexander

    I agree!! The day after the election I was on a shuttle forced to listen to this comment " I'm so happy just call me Michelle because my daddy is Obama, hes gonna increase my welfare and food stamps… made me sick…

  84. John Young

    There was no conjunction between savior and Barack. If there was, it would change the whole meaning of the quote.

  85. Mattie Linda Pearl

    I only have one Lord and Savor that God above , I think he was joking , he is a comic after all.

  86. Erik Nash

    Sounds like another so-called actor is believing his own pr. Listen up James, its hard enough for him to be president, I don't think he needs another douche wagon making anymore waves than is necessary.

  87. Connie Dirig

    as much as I like the President – that remark was out of line and I think the President would agree.

  88. BrieAnne Estes

    @Christopher Coleman
    Have you never learned the fear of God?
    It will be far, far worse for those who disregard their Creator rather than give Him the honor and respect He deserves, and even commands of us … you know, from us, the little humans He created, in His own image. It's about your perspective. Remember who you are and don't ever forget the hands of Him that knit you in your mothers womb.
    Take your little "idol god" out of the little box you ideally keep him in – nah, just throw that box away because once you begin to comprehend the reality of the true God, how great and how vast and endless He is, then you'll know that you'll never be able to contain Him with your own personal ideals of how you would like for God to be. Let those foolish ideas about your small idolatrous god go ("my god would do this" or "not the god I believe in, he wouldn't do that"), let that go because who are you to tell almighty God what is good and what is not when only He can see a person's heart and only He can see the final outcome of events, and the effects of those outcomes.

    Yeah, that was NO joke. What Jamie Foxx said was not just an offense to true Christians, it was a rebellious offense aimmed directly at God, and one the he will have to answer for before a just and holy God on the day of judgement.

  89. BrieAnne Estes

    That is such a misused verse. I think it's in 1 Timothy that Paul teaches us that we are to continue to correct and to teach those who are in error. Thefore we are to judge, our brothers and sisters in Christ, as long as it is not self serving and honors God and can potentially bring good to those who hear it.

  90. La Toya KaramelKisses Williams

    It was a joke… a play on how people accuse his supporters of worshipping the president. That is why they laughed silly people. Smh

  91. Patty Eyler

    IT WAS no joke… but let someone make a "joke" about something YOU care about and you'll want their job… especially if it racial or against allah. One does not "joke" about the Christian God. It is not just extremely offensive to those who truly love him but it is also blasphemous and NEVER to be done. One who is a Christian/observer of and practitioner of the same, which is what makes one a Christian, would never take it lightly. One may "know" what the word is but not follow it. There are plenty more who simply try to "use" it than be it. I am sick of those who play the "Comedian/joke" card… IT DOESN'T FIT HERE. aaannnddd the "panties in a bunch" statement is just plain crass.

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