Zach and his wife together

Zach Roloff Talks About Fears That His Child Will Be Dwarf Like Him

Zach Roloff of Little People, Big World is having his first baby. The reality star is really excited, but in a new preview for his show, Zach talks about how he is scared that his baby could end up being a dwarf like him. Us Weekly Magazine shared all about what Zach had to say about his fears and becoming a dad.

Zach and his twin brother, Jeremy, are both expecting babies, and they talk about what is going on in their respective lives. Jeremy and his wife are having a girl, and Zach and his wife are having a little boy. The brothers start to talk about their thoughts.

“This is going to be crazy being dads together. Are you guys going to find out if you’re having an LP [little person]?” Jeremy asks Zach.

“What am I going to say? [Like,] ‘Oh, yeah, I want a dwarf baby’? [Or] ‘I can’t wait for that kid to be bullied’?” Zach responds. Zach doesn’t want his child to go through something like that in the future.

Zach Roloff is also seen talking to his mom, Amy, about his thoughts on this situation.

“We went to the doctor’s yesterday — it’s not for sure, but all the limbs are measuring below average.”

Next, Amy tells the camera about a new development.

“Their latest ultrasound, it’s very scary because you just don’t know what the future holds.”

This does mean that their baby could end up being a little person, but they just don’t know for sure yet. They could just have a smaller baby and are going to have to wait to find out for sure.

Another thing that will be talked about this season is the fact that Matt Roloff is now dating his farm manager. Amy is seen talking about it and is obviously hurt by it.

“Caryn has been Matt’s personal assistant. Now that they’re dating, of course, that’s hurtful.”

Amy Roloff has already moved on and started dating someone new as well.

As the Inquisitr recently shared, Matt Roloff is moving on and dating Caryn. He isn’t being shy about it either. He recently shared a post of the two of them together.

“Broke away for a day of relaxing at the beautiful Oregon coast. Is anybody else doing something special this spring break? Love love to you all. — with Matthew Roloff.”

“Yes. Caryn and I are now dating. It’s very exciting to such a wonderful persons be a positive companion in my life,” he replied to a fan who asked about the relationship.

Amy Roloff is dating a man named Chris, who hasn’t been shy about the fact that they are together.

“Moments are important and necessary to stay connected, develop and strengthen relationships and to stay connected w/ yourself. Had an awesome fun weekend on the beach sharing food, having great conversations, a 3 mile walk on the beach, playing games, having fun with awesome, wonderful, great longtime friends.”

She is having a hard time with Matt Roloff dating again, but it looks like she is happy and doing well.

Are you surprised that Zach Roloff is unsure about if his baby will be a dwarf and how he feels about it? Are you excited for the new season of Little People, Big World? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss the return of Little People, Big World on May 2 on TLC.

[Featured Image Via Zach Roloff/Instagram]