Rumors claim that Danielle Bregoli might be pregnant.

Danielle Bregoli Pregnant? ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Victim Of Viral Rumors After Alleged Baby Bump Shows

Danielle Bregoli is facing rumors that she could be pregnant, with viral reports claiming the 14-year-old “Cash met outside” girl may actually be showing a small baby bump.

The viral star has been through plenty of rounds of the rumor mill since she first shot to fame after an appearance on the Dr. Phil show. Since then, there have been rumors about Bregoli’s dating life, her net worth, and now apparently her potential pregnancy.

As Life & Style reported, the rumors that Danielle Bregoli might be pregnant were kicked off after a picture appeared online showing what some interpreted as a baby bump.

“Is there going to be a ‘Cash Me Outside’ Junior? Fans are convinced that Danielle Bregoli is pregnant after a photo surfaced of her alleged baby bump.

“Rumors started after a photo of a girl lifting up her shirt showing off her bare belly went viral, with many claiming it was Danielle in the pic, even though her face was not visible.”

The rumor that the “Cash me outside” girl could be pregnant has been spreading online, with many people sharing pictures of the alleged baby bump.

As if that wasn’t enough to fuel the rumors, a controversial rapper connected to Danielle Bregoli added more with a viral message posted online. Kodak Black, who has befriended Bregoli, posted that he’s going to become a father.

“I done f —ed Round and got a BIH pregnant. My Lawyer Hollin N—a Pay me #WordsCan’tExplain,” the rapper wrote.

For those who haven’t followed the drama of Danielle Bregoli’s ride to fame, Kodak Black was rumored to be her boyfriend after the two had a racy Facetime call together and shared some other salacious messages online.

Those rumors were quite controversial in themselves. Kodak Black is 19 — more than five years older than Danielle Bregoli, who just celebrated her 14th birthday — and has gotten into quite a bit of trouble. He was thrown in jail last month for an alleged violation of his probation following a 2016 conviction, and is currently awaiting charges that he sexually assaulted a woman last year.

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Danielle Bregoli is facing other rumors, aside from the reports that she might be pregnant. There has been quite a bit of interest in her soaring net worth, which is reportedly set to top $1 million in the near future. The “Cash me outside” girl is commanding $40,000 for making public appearances, and just signed on to a reality television deal that will likely make her quite a bit more.

As the site Celebrity Net Worth added, Bregoli is also doing a great job cashing in off her giant social media following, with more than 8 million Instagram followers.

“Bregoli has done an amazingly great job at cashing in on her fame. For example, she is doing paid product placements on Instagram for Fit Tea and Postmates. To those who may think that a 13-year-old getting paid to do paid advertisements on Instagram is utterly ridiculous, not so fast. Her Fit Tea video has been viewed a whopping 6.7 million times. Celebrities who have Bregoli’s following on Instagram can easily make up to $100,000 a month on product ads, and as much as $50,000 on a single post.”

But there appears to be little substance to the rumor that Danielle Bregoli is pregnant. The pictures allegedly showing her “baby bump” don’t appear to be much at all, and the “Cash me outside” girl has said she’s never even spent time with Kodak Black.

“I’ve never hung out with Kodak Black — ever,” she told TMZ. “He’s 19 — g*d d**m!”

If Danielle Bregoli really is pregnant, then she’s working pretty hard to keep it under wraps. The “Cash me outside” girl has continued to make appearances and post pictures to social media, with no baby bump in sight.

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