Dilbert creator Scott Adams calls bullsh*t on Syrian gas attack

Syria Hoax? ‘Dilbert’ Creator Scott Adams Claims Syria Gas Attack Is A Fake War Crime

With the #SyriaHoax hashtag trending on Twitter, Dilbert creator Scott Adams says he is “calling bullsh*t” on the gas attack in that country because it has “the look of a manufactured event.”

There is no way, Adams claims, that the Syrian president would purposely bring the wrath of the U.S. and the international community down upon him, which he describes as “suicide by Trump.”

Scott Adams predicted that “master persuader” Donald Trump would win the 2016 presidential election in a landslide, which proved accurate at least insofar as the Electoral College was concerned, and contrary to the forecasts of most news agencies, pollsters, and pundits.

A trained hypnotist, Adams regularly talks about President Trump and persuasion techniques, among other things, on his blog and during his Periscope broadcasts.

Many in the Trump constituency are expressing grave concern about reports of a U.S. retaliatory air strike against Syria — a country mired in civil war — and also talk of toppling the Syrian president.

Candidate Trump campaigned against this very type of thing, aggressively denouncing the Iraq War in the Bush administration as a disaster which destabilized the region and ultimately created the conditions leading to the rise of ISIS. The intervention in Libya under Obama similarly caused that country to devolve into an ISIS enclave, President Trump has pointed out.

Scott Adams throws shade on Syrian gas attack which some claim is a Syria Hoax
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There is also the possibility that military action in Syria could ignite armed hostilities with Syria ally and benefactor Russia.

According to U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, steps are underway to form an international coalition to pressure Bashar Assad to step down in the aftermath of the chemical weapons attack for which he believes the Syrian government is responsible, Fox News reported.

“The attack killed at least 70 people, many of them children, but Moscow has blamed the deaths on gas leaking from a rebel chemical weapons depot after it was hit by Syrian government air strikes,” Reuters detailed.

Tillerson plans to meet with the Russian foreign minister next week about Syria.

In a blog post today, the cartoonist and author insisted that the gas attack “smells fishy” and that he thinks/guesses that Trump may have reached the same conclusion.

“According to the mainstream media –- that has been wrong about almost everything for a solid 18 months in a row – the Syrian government allegedly bombed its own people with a nerve agent. The reason the Assad government would bomb its own people with a nerve agent right now is obvious. Syrian President Assad – who has been fighting for his life for several years, and is only lately feeling safer – suddenly decided to commit suicide-by-Trump. Because the best way to make that happen is to commit a war crime against your own people in exactly the way that would force President Trump to respond or else suffer humiliation at the hands of the mainstream media.”

Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams claims the Syria chemical weapons attack is a manufactured event
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Adams also compared the current crisis or perceived crisis with “the false WMD stories that sparked the Iraq war” and led to the failed regime change.

According to Scott Adams, the master persuader should react to a fake war crime with a fake response, i.e.. talk tough and then drag things out until the situation and its associated saber-rattling calms down. Given the ongoing chaos in Syria, the Assad regime could fall without the U.S. getting involved, he noted. At Russian President Vladimir Putin’s urging, Assad could even frame one of his generals for going rogue to settle things down, Adams theorized.

Read the Scott Adams essay in its entirety and draw your own conclusions.

He also expounded on the alleged #SyriaHoax in a Periscope transmission this morning in which he gave credit to controversial author and filmmaker Mike Cernovich for being first out of the box in questioning the alleged war crime.

Some who might be in the conspiracy theory camp maintain that the Syrian gas attack, or the #SyriaHoax as they see it, is a so-called false flag event planned by the “deep state” entrenched U.S. federal bureaucracy and actually committed by the anti-Assad rebels. For whatever reason, this anti-Trump establishment group in both political parties apparently favors continued U.S. military interventions around the world and allegedly an armed confrontation with Russia.

According to Mike Cernovich, the attack “was likely an ISIS operation, perhaps assisted by war mongers in deep state,” he wrote in his Medium column.

Added: In a follow-up blog post, Scott Adams still rejects the premise that Assad would invite suicide by Trump when the Assad forces are winning the civil war. Moreover, he questions whether that the U.S. military actually has surveillance capabilities on Syrian aircraft at all times that enabled it to trace the gas attack to a specific air base. That being said, he listed seven geopolitical benefits of the Syrian strike to the Trump administration.

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