AIMS team from Destination America's series Mountain Monsters

‘Mountain Monsters’ Returns As The AIMS Team Squares Off Against The Sinister Rogue Team

The AIMS (Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings) team, led by John “Trapper John” Tice, have a lot more to deal with on this season of Mountain Monsters than trying to capture an elusive Bigfoot. After being harassed by a masked rival team during the previous season of Mountain Monsters, AIMS members Trapper, Willy, Buck, Jeff, Huckleberry, and Wild Bill find that they are now the ones being hunted.

Last season, hunting and trapping a Bigfoot became difficult when the AIMS team began to feel they were in danger from a shadowy and potentially deadly rival that had been interfering in their investigations. During the previous season of Mountain Monsters, after figuring out clues left by the Rogue Team, they talked to someone who said they wanted to make a deal. The Futon Critic shared that since then, there were nine months of “radio silence” from the Rogue Team.

Everyone wonders what is going on, and on the first episode of Mountain Monsters, titled “Shadow Battle: The Rogue Team Rises,” the AIMS team decides to go after their hidden foe. Trapper wants to move slowly and methodically, and wants to draw the other team out and lead them into a trap. Buck didn’t attend the meeting, and only Huckleberry knows where he is and later he drives out to meet him. On this season of Mountain Monsters, Buck has a plan of his own, and enlists Huckleberry’s aid in order to put it into action. While looking for a truck that may be tied to the Rogue Team in Woods County, West Virginia, they make several interesting discoveries on this episode of Mountain Monsters, and Buck wants to keep the momentum going.

Buck believes that most of the team won’t go along with how he wants to handle the situation, but he does bring in Jeff to help them out. After hearing what they have to tell him, Jeff decides that he’s on board with what they want to do. What Buck doesn’t realize at first is that a furious Trapper knows what he’s been doing after Jeff fills him in, and his bold actions ignite a major argument.

Buck isn’t messing around, and viewers will see him step up on this episode of Mountain Monsters. The way he goes about it at first doesn’t sit well with the team, but they do back him up. They uncover an important piece of information that answers at least one question that has been nagging the team. When the Rogue Team reaches out to Buck wanting to meet, perhaps the AIMS team is about to have the rest of their questions answered, but they will have to first put themselves in what could be a very dangerous situation.

The second Mountain Monsters episode, titled “The Rogue Team Rises: Part 2,” finds the men still dealing with the Rogue Team as Buck, Jeff, and Huckleberry are abducted and taken to meet a mystery man who has an incredible deal for them with an impressive payoff. When Trapper John turns up missing and the men find a trail of blood, the AIMS team drops everything in order to find their leader in what could be a race against time.

During later episodes on this season of Mountain Monsters, the AIMS team will get back to doing what they do best. When the mountain brothers decide to travel to Lee County, Virginia, they attempt to slowly ease into a new investigation, but as usual danger isn’t too far away. According to Broadway World, as the AIMS team begins to conduct their search for Bigfoot on the new season of Mountain Monsters, dark forces start to stir within the forest and begin to target Jeff.

There seems to be more difficulties ahead for the team than they bargained for, especially as they are forced to conduct more supernatural warfare deep in the forests of Appalachia. On this season of Mountain Monsters, the team will continue to be confronted with plenty of questions, mysteries, and monsters. Whether or not they can conquer all the challenges thrown their way remains to be seen on the new season of Mountain Monsters.

Are you a fan of Mountain Monsters? Do you think they’ll discover what the Rogue Team really wants from them? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions concerning Mountain Monsters below. The new season premieres on Saturday, April 22, at 10 p.m. ET on Destination America.

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