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WWE News: Big Show Lashes Out Backstage After ‘WrestleMania 33’ Match

From what he has alluded to during many interviews, WrestleMania 33 was possibly the last for Big Show, as he is expected to retire very soon. In what was supposed to be a marquee match against Shaquille O’Neal, but was quietly dismissed after speculation that Shaq’s team did not reach a financial agreement, Big Show was relegated to the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. In that match, many felt either he or Braun Strowman were going to win. Strowman, for the purpose of continuing to build his monster heel character, and Big Show, for the purposes of a send off for his potential last WrestleMania event. In the end, both were eliminated, which resulted into neither winning the match.

Although it took multiple people to eliminate Strowman, Big Show was reportedly furious of the spot where Strowman eliminated him. Not due to him being eliminated, because that was supposed to happen, but because he felt that the two should have been in the match longer and set up a major moment between the two before they were eliminated. Instead, both left the match without creating a memorable moment whatsoever.

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On his podcast, X-Pac 12360, Sean Waltman explained what occurred.

“Before thing was even over, Big Show had a bunch of guys that were in the Battle Royal back in the back and he was going off… I think it was over the stuff with him and Strowman. Because they had a moment there and I think the moment got taken from them too quick.”

The next night on Raw, at least, Strowman did appear during the segment involving Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar. He told Lesnar that he is going to finish up his issues with Roman Reigns, then will be gunning for the WWE Universal Championship. When Lesnar laid down his belt and called for a fight, Strowman backed away and said that he will fight Lesnar on his time.

For Big Show, there was no huge development for him following his WrestleMania 33 pre-show appearance. From the looks of it, he will not have a major involvement in a storyline for the duration of his career.

When Big Show competed on Raw against Strowman, an old school feel saturated the match, and the fans were very involved in it. The two had previous faceoffs, and it appeared that it would have been reserved for a bigger stage. From the reaction that Big Show allegedly had following the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, the hope was to make Strowman look better than what was displayed.

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The WWE draft of 2016 has benefited Braun Strowman more than virtually anyone on the roster. Originally starting as a relatively green, black-masked member of the Wyatt Family, it was obvious that Strowman had quite a bit of work to do in order to become a notable name in the WWE. When he was drafted away from the entire Wyatt Family, being the only person to go to Raw, it was a bold move to put him in a prominent spot on the show. However, as the weeks progressed, not only did he become much more lean, but he started to show incredible agility in his repertoire.

During WrestleMania 33, Jim Ross stated that by the time WrestleMania 34 rolls around, Braun Strowman should at least be in a top match on the card. In fact, Ross said that if he is not on the top of the card in New Orleans, he would actually be very disappointed. Until then, WWE should be very careful with how they book Strowman, as he is on the right track to being a champion sooner, rather than later.

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