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‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Accused Of Looking For A Rich ‘Victim’ In Rehab

Kathryn Dennis went to rehab in Southern California at the end of last year and according to her Southern Charm co-star, Landon Clements, she did so in an effort to find her next rich “victim.”

Following Clements’ comment, Kathryn Dennis, who shares a couple of children with Clements’ alleged love interest, Thomas Ravenel, spoke out about her co-stars’ diss and labeled her an “idiot.”

“She’s pretty ballsy and kind of an idiot because the things she says are such a polarizing, dramatic version of what someone ever could say,” Kathryn Dennis explained to People Magazine on April 4. “The fact that she said that is so pathetic because she’s grabbing at straws to remain relevant.”

Kathryn Dennis entered treatment last summer and while there, it was reported that she had begun dating someone new. In fact, according to a report by All About the Tea in August of last year, Dennis had linked up with a “shady” character while in Southern California, who was said to be a bad influence on her recovery.

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As fans will recall, Kathryn Dennis entered treatment after allegedly testing positive for cocaine, marijuana, and opiates during one of her custody hearings with Thomas Ravenel. Dennis and Ravenel share daughter Kensington, 3, and son St. Julien, 1.

Kathryn Dennis continued on to People Magazine, claiming that Clements should never target anyone who is in recovery.

“To especially target someone that is going through a process that’s not only difficult regarding the rehab … it’s sheer obviousness what her intentions are, and I think she projects those onto me,” Kathryn Dennis explained. “Because what did she do in L.A.? She found herself a rich husband who decided to divorce her. And now she’s in Charleston doing the same thing.”

Kathryn Dennis claimed Clements had a thing for Ravenel during Season 3 and while the idea was initially denied, the Season 4 trailer of Southern Charm seems to confirm that Dennis was correct with her suspicions.

According to Kathryn Dennis, Landon Clements joined the Southern Charm cast in 2015 and when she did, Dennis revealed, “I specifically recall her approaching Thomas when she came here, telling him, ‘You need to introduce me to all your rich guy friends.'”

In turn, Kathryn Dennis coined a nickname for her on-screen nemesis: “Land-a-Man-don — trying to always land a man.”

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Kathryn Dennis claims to be in a better place since leaving rehab last year, but admittedly, she has been slightly impacted by the events of the show.

“When I see things, of course I feel that natural, knee-jerk anger,” she said. “But afterward I think to myself, These people are so— I don’t want to use the word shallow, but they’re like potatoes and I’m the meat. I’m real and straightforward, and I’d rather live like that any day than be somebody that’s spending their time judging others. I don’t care about their lives and their personal choices.”

As Kathryn Dennis’ former partner, Thomas Ravenel, appears to entertain the idea of a romance with Landon Clements, Dennis has seemingly remained single as she continues to fight for custody of her children. While it is unclear how much Kathryn Dennis has been allowed to see her children in recent months, the Daily Mail claimed earlier this week that Ravenel had recently filed for full custody of their kids.

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