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Lisa Vanderpump On Husbands Involvement In ‘RHOBH’ Drama: Does She Support It?

Lisa Vanderpump has been on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for years and it sounds like she essentially runs her co-stars. For years, Vanderpump has been accused of pulling the strings before the scenes and several women have claimed that Lisa has created a web of lies. Brandi Glanville stopped being friends with Lisa after feeling like she was being used in all of her drama. In addition, Lisa’s other friends have questioned her loyalty, including Kyle Richards and Erika Girardi. But when it comes to Dorit Kemsley, Vanderpump’s loyalty is clear.

According to a new Bravo report, Lisa Vanderpump is now speaking out about the confrontation that happened on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season finale. Lisa’s daughter Pandora and her husband Jason were launching their new line of wines and they decided to have a party to celebrate it. However, Dorit was confronted during the party and her husband stepped in to defend her. While the husbands often stay out of the drama, it sounds like Lisa fully understood his decision to get involved.

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“Dorit was feeling uncomfortable, and I knew that in order to move forward, if in fact she wanted to at all, it was essential she defended herself and brought to the surface all her questions as to why this had escalated to such a state. I understood PK involving himself. He was asked a question by Erika first, and I am sure he will be criticized, but that is exactly what Ken has done in the past, especially when I had been the subject matter in his absence. He also aware of how distraught Dorit had been in Hong Kong, so why shouldn’t he stand up for his wife? And it certainly hadn’t been even-handed prior to this.”

Of course, Vanderpump and Kemsley knew one another before Dorit started filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In fact, it is possible that Lisa campaigned for Dorit to start filming the show, so she had a loyal friend in her corner. Last year, Kyle Richards questioned their friendship, as she didn’t want to lie on behalf of Vanderpump.

But the confrontation with Dorit wasn’t the only thing that happened at the party. After the confrontation where PK defended his wife, Eden Sassoon started screaming at Lisa Rinna. She was hurt by the fact that Lisa was once her friend, but then turned her back on Eden after she learned that Sassoon had talked to her co-stars about what Lisa had told her. And Vanderpump was surprised that Eden lost her cool.

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“Eden screaming at LR was certainly unexpected, but I knew her emotions were accumulative. She felt she had been dismissed, and now as it all came to an ugly head, metaphorically speaking of course. LR exacerbated Eden’s frustration by laughing in her face, intentionally dismissing her once more,” Lisa Vanderpump continued in her Bravo blog.

While Vanderpump may not want a fight at her daughter’s launch party, one can imagine she does love the drama. Lisa did encourage some of the confrontations during the party, possibly because she knows that the drama will result in higher ratings for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And maybe this is why she doesn’t reprimand Lisa Rinna for talking about Dorit, something that Kemsley had expected.

What do you think Lisa Vanderpump’s comments that it was quite alright for PK to step in and help out his wife? Do you think the husbands should stay out of the ladies’ drama, even if their wives are being attacked by a group of people?

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