Ivanka Trump Loved In China, Young Women Refer To Donald Trump's Daughter As A 'Goddess'

Ivanka Trump Loved In China, Young Women Refer To Donald Trump’s Daughter As A ‘Goddess’

Ivanka Trump might be Donald Trump’s secret weapon when it comes to foreign relations in China. It turns out that the first daughter is something of an icon to Chinese girls who have even taken to calling Ivanka the “Goddess.” It turns out that Ivanka has amassed a huge and unlikely following in China with young female fans adoring Trump’s beauty, her riches, and her lavish lifestyle.

The New York Times recently reported about a Chinese girl named Wang Ge, whose Ivanka Trump infatuation is pretty intense. She reportedly wakes up each morning and asks herself, “What would Ivanka do?”

While Donald Trump’s presidency in the United States has been nothing less than controversial, it seems that his daughter Ivanka has found herself the center of an unlikely hero worship. Young female businesswomen are said to worship Ivanka Trump and fawn over her. A key reason for China’s infatuation with Ivanka stems from their desire for fame and riches as well as the reasoning that being rich equals success.

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In the United States, Ivanka Trump evokes thoughts of her famous father and they could be incredibly positive or incredibly negative depending on which side of the political landscape a person stands with. In China, Ivanka Trump’s goddess status is free from the stigma of her father.

Some have suggested that Ivanka Trump could use the love of her Chinese fans to help with diplomacy between the U.S. and China. Recently, Donald Trump has taken up some controversial positions in regard to Chinese peacekeeping when it comes to North Korea and trade. He is scheduled to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping today to discuss those issues and a handful of others. With Ivanka’s celebrity status in the country, he could use her help in softening up his image in order to get work done rather than make more enemies.

One of the reasons that Chinese fans refer to Ivanka Trump as a goddess has to do with the education she is getting for her children. Learning how to speak Chinese is a part of their schooling and even Ivanka’s youngest son Theodore has alphabet blocks in Chinese.

Today, I had the privilege of joining President @realdonaldtrump, Chancellor Merkel and leading CEOs of US and German companies in a robust discussion centered on workforce development. We also heard from graduates of exemplary Apprenticeship programs on the important role vocational education has played in their professional careers. I applaud my father's commitment to creating millions of jobs and ensuring that all Americans have the skills training they need to succeed in the modern workforce. #WorkforceDevelopment

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Recently, a video of Ivanka Trump’s daughter Arabella singing in Chinese went viral. The video amassed more than 10 million views as Ivanka’s Chinese fans continue to enjoy the video and pass it around.

Young Chinese businesswomen follow Ivanka Trump, even adhering to her schedule of waking up at 6 a.m., as she has talked about on social media. Apparently, Donald Trump’s daughter wakes early each day in order to maximize the day and also posted that she always takes at least 30 minutes each day to set aside for reading. Her fans think of her as an inspiration to feminity because she is able to work and raise a family so gracefully.

Young women who are having a bad day or who need some motivation are said to read through her inspirational posts in order to get their own lives together. Likewise, Chinese businesswomen are said to study Ivanka Trump’s speeches, looking for ways to increase their own success.

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Ivanka Trump represents something that many Chinese women are looking for. They say she represents independence, success, and wealth. They also have a lot of respect for Ivanka because she is seen as someone who is very devoted to her family, both to her husband Jared Kushner and to her father Donald Trump.

With as much criticism as Donald Trump has been getting for his opposition to many demands of the Chinese government, Ivanka Trump’s goddess status might actually help him politically. Despite her life of privilege and opulence, many Chinese women believe she is the pinnacle of hard work and veracity and continue to follow behind everything Ivanka says, believing it will help them to also achieve her level of success.

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