Tinsley Mortimer joins the 'RHONY' cast

‘RHONY’ Stars Reveal How They Feel About Tinsley Mortimer Joining The Cast

Tinsley Mortimer joined the cast of RHONY for Season 9. She isn’t a rookie when it comes to living in New York. However, she will be the new kid on the block among a cast that has been together for a very long time.

Mortimer previous starred in a reality television series called High Society in 2010. In 2009, she divorced Robert Livingston Mortimer after seven years together. Now, eight years and a run in with the law later, the RHONY star just wants to start over and reclaim her life.

In 2016, Tinsley was arrested for trespassing at her ex-boyfriend, Alexander Fanjul’s house in Palm Beach. According to Bravo, she claimed that she was only there to get her purse, but the former duo got into an argument, and the police were called to the scene. Eventually, her ex-boyfriend dropped the charges, but it prepared her for the drama that she is about to endure on RHONY.

“I feel like after something like getting a mug shot and having it plastered all over every paper and all over the Internet, I felt like I hit rock bottom a little bit,” Tinsley said.

“So I just felt like there was no hesitation to join the show. I was like, ‘What can go wrong at this point in my life?’ I’ve been arrested. I was in jail for three hours, I think now this is fine. I think I can handle the Real Housewives. I’m just so happy to be back in New York and just getting to know new girls in New York, too, and having another group of friends. It’s just been great.”

Mortimer will be Sonya Morgan’s roommate. RHONY Season 9 Episode 1 revealed that LuAnn isn’t living with Morgan anymore. Sonya considered selling her home, but she decided to have her good friend Tinsley move in with her instead.

“Tinsley is homeless and living in my house and walking around in ball gowns! She’s homeless but glamorous,” Morgan told Us Weekly. “Tinsley and I have been friends for years, and having her on the show has actually brought new life to this season. She’s an amazing person.”

Dorinda agreed with Sonya about Mortimer. She felt that Tinsley would be a great addition to the cast, and the RHONY cast needed a shake up after Season 8.

“Last season was really dark, and this season, there’s drama, but we all get to show our quirky sides and have a lot of fun. I think the fans like that. Tinsley really brings her own flair to the show — lots of Southern charm, lashes and lipstick!”

Carole Radziwill wasn’t as quick to warm up to Tinsley but said it wasn’t Mortimer’s fault. Carole explained that when she first met her, she was focused on the 2016 presidential election and wasn’t able to pay attention to anything else.

After she had a chance to get to know her, Carole revealed that Tinsley is a “great girl with a story to tell.”

LuAnn D’Agostino noted that she was excited to hear that Tinsley joined the cast of RHONY.

“I admire her — she came into a group of women who had a ton of history, which isn’t always easy,” LuAnn explained. “I admire people who can reinvent their life and move forward. I think that’s what this season is really about.”

Tinsley Mortimer’s tagline for RHONY Season 9 is “a good set of lashes can fix anything…even a mugshot.”

RHONY fans, do you think Tinsley will have a difficult time fitting in with the cast?

Real Housewives of New York airs Wednesday nights on Bravo.

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