Sandra Diaz-Twine voted out on 'Survivor Game Changers'

‘Survivor: Game Changers’ Sandra Diaz-Twine Reveals The Tribe Threw Challenge, Killed And Ate Baby Goat

Survivor: Game Changers did the impossible on last night’s new episode — they dethroned Sandra Diaz-Twine. Sure, most Survivor fans hoped Sandra would be ousted soon, but no one expected her to be taken out so soon.

According to Reality TV World, Sandra said that her tribe purposely lost the immunity challenge so that they could vote her off and get her out of the CBS reality TV show.

Diaz Twine’s Nuku tribe voted her out on day 16. It followed the third tribal swap which left her with Jeff Varner, Zeke Smith, Andrea Boehlke, Ozzy Lusth, Sarah Lacina, and Tai Trang. Sandra and Varner voted for Tai, but it wasn’t enough because the rest of the tribe voted Sandra out.

After the fact, I actually found out that they threw the challenge so that they could get me out,” Sandra revealed to Reality TV World.

“I actually had to laugh about it, like of all the ways you could get rid of me, why throw a challenge? Like, really? Are you that fearful of me, especially me at a challenge? Like come on! But they were just scared of me.”

The immunity challenge required the Nuku and Mana tribes to cross a set of monkey bars and pull a sled with very heavy barrels through the sand and solve a puzzle.

The challenge was difficult considering the Survivor contestants haven’t been eating well. The sleds were massive, and the Nuku tribe appeared to struggle with pushing it up the sand incline.

“I wish we hadn’t lost that challenge, but with me and Varner pulling the rope, from what I understand, they really weren’t pulling, and they didn’t want to get to the mat, and they didn’t want no one getting near the puzzle until the other tribe won,” the two-time Survivor winner said.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Sandra claims that they killed and ate the baby goat, but it wasn’t aired on television. However, she said that she never demanded that someone bring her the goat so they could kill it for food. She suggested that it was J.T. Thomas that killed and cooked the goat for the tribe to eat.

“Mind you; I’m not a farmer. I’m not the guy who said, ‘Well, guys, we have to eat the baby first because it’s not nourishing and it will die, and the meat is tender.’ You know, like, ‘The meat is more tender on the baby than the mama, so the baby has to go first.’ I’m just repeating everything I’m hearing, and then they just catch me off guard, you know?” Sandra explained.

“But, I would have to say that the next episode when you got to see us eating these big pieces of meat? That is not fish and that is not chicken. And that’s the last I’m going to say about that. And I didn’t have anything to do with it because I was in a confessional! I come back to camp and there it is and after I saw that episode I was like, ‘Lord I’m going to take the s— for that one too.'”

Sandra admitted that she is a different person in the Survivor game than she is in real life. Apparently, she is very close friends with Tony and J.T., but in the game of Survivor, they just didn’t trust each other.

“I love each and every one of them. I’ve never been closer to an entire cast as I am with these Game Changers,” Diaz-Twine said. “They’re really awesome, and I’m glad that each and every one of them was picked for a reason, and they’re great.”

Sandra tried to get the tribe to see what a flip-flopper Tai was but her plan backfired and she was voted out. The two-time Survivor winner claimed that the reason the rest of the tribe didn’t vote him out was he was holding an idol in his pocket and everyone knew it.

“Tai kept grabbing at his pocket, and I think Ozzy was afraid of that.”

Survivor: Game Changers fans, are you surprised that Sandra Diaz-Twine is finally out of the game? Do you think Ozzy will be targeted next?

Survivor: Game Changers airs Wednesday nights on CBS.

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