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Cardboard Wii GamePad Selling For More Than $90,000 On eBay

A cardboard Wii GamePad has topped $90,000 in bids on eBay. The scrap piece of cardboard with Wii controller designs scribbled across the surface was posted on Ebay for $10 last week. Instead of becoming a joke listing on the online marketplace, the item spawned an auction frenzy among bidders.

The Wii cardboard auction ends late in the day on Cyber Monday. The listing description is very short and to the point. Ebay user VCTR53 simply typed, “The title explains it all.”

There appears to be nothing special about the cardboard Wii GamePad. The item which has drawn more than $90,000 worth of bids was not autographed by a celebrity or created by the original game designers as an early prototype. Bidders have not asked any questions about perhaps the world’s most expensive piece of cardboard, according to auction details on the eBay website.

What the winner plans to do with the pretend Wii controller is unknown. It is unlikely that a cardboard Wii controller is at the top of any child’s wish list this Christmas. Why anyone would want to fork over what essentially amounts to the purchase price of a house, currently remains a mystery.

The faux game controller may not be the strangest item ever posted for sale on eBay. Bidders with a spare $500 in their pocket were able to try and win a piece of bird poop which allegedly resembles Michael Jackson, according to When Chicago resident Brandon Tudor put his car windscreen up for sale, he noticed that the bird poop splatter supposedly looked like the King of Pop.