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Chris Brown’s Twitter Deactivated, #teambreezy Reacts

Chris Brown’s Twitter has been deactivated after a word-brawl with a comedian this weekend (though we expect he’ll be back in short order), and the dramatic exit leaves the controversial star’s dedicated army of Twitter followers with a serious case of — in addition to some weird sort of celebrity Stockholm Syndrome — a reason to wail and gnash their teeth.

Chris Brown’s Twitter cabal is known as #teambreezy, and the vocal proponents of the singer — who became somewhat of a pariah in the music biz for beating down on-and-off girlfriend Rihanna — are led by Brown’s biggest and most accepting fan, his mom Joyce.

Joyce Hawkins tweets under the handle @mombreezy, and, in the absence of her son on the microblogging service, Team Breezy has turned to their matriarch in the time of great unrest and turmoil, seeking guidance and comfort from #teambreezy patient zero.

As Twitter reacts to Chris Brown’s latest tantrum, they have sent Mom Breezy a cacophony of lamentations, with one fan recently tweeting:

@mombreezy please please #Teambreezy doesn’t deserve the fact that Chris deleted his twitter! How am I supposed to know what’s going on?!”

How indeed, Joyce? HOW INDEED?! Another Chris Brown fan pleads:

“I Want Chris Back. #TeamBreezy Need You CB. Plz Come Back.@MomBreezy Plz Tell him to come Back. We Love Him Soo Much.”

Supporters have also been changing their avatars to this — no, we aren’t kidding:

chris brown twitter deactivated