Ramona Singer talks 'RHONY' Season 9

‘RHONY’ Ramona Singer Talks Her Friendship With LuAnn, Remodeling Her Home, And Dating

Ramona Singer spoke with Bravo about her “detective work” to uncover the truth about LuAnn de Lesseps’ fiance, Tom D’Agostino, remodeling her home, and if she is dating anyone special. The RHONY star talked openly about her concerns for LuAnn and how they relate to how her own marriage to Mario Singer ended.

Singer said that she decided to remodel her home because she wanted it to reflect her emotional place. She is cool, hip, and relaxed and she wanted her space to reflect that.

“I wanted to move away from the traditional type of aesthetic that I had and move forward to an uncluttered, free-thinking space,” the RHONY star, Ramona Singer explained. “I chose to make the apartment more comfortable, adding a huge curved screen TV in my living room, which is something I never had.”

“I love entertaining, and I love being in my new home. I am currently under phase two of this project, so I will keep you all posted! “

Singer said that dating has never been a problem for her. She dates often but isn’t seeing anyone she would consider special. Now, she is looking for the right man the share the next part of her life with.

“I really want him to be fun, smart, daring, a go-getter and someone that wants a family commitment as much as I do,” Singer said.

About Tom D’Agostino, Ramona doesn’t consider her investigation into whether or not he is cheating on LuAnn detective work. She revealed that she was coming from a good place and only wanted to protect her friend from getting hurt.

Ramona wasn’t trying to upset de Lesseps, but she knows what is like to be cheating on over and over and she wanted to protect her from that humiliation. She felt especially protective of her because RHONY focused on Tom’s extra-curricular activities so much. Singer knows firsthand how embarrassing that can be as a wife.

“It’s more about caring and trying to protect my friend. I have come from a place of lies and cheats, and if I can offer up to Luann details or information so she can make the best choices for her, why not?”

Singer added that she hoped that someone would go out of their way to protect her from getting hurt like she has for LuAnn.

The RHONY star said that she was genuinely hurt by not being invited to LuAnn’s bridal shower. She said that outside the Bravo reality television show, they have been close friends for over a decade.

“We may have had our ups and downs through the years, but at this point sometimes you have to look past the past! And move forward to the future,” Ramona explained.

Luann told Bravo that she is looking to the future which is why she doesn’t want to hear anything more about Tom’s alleged cheating. She explained that they are married now and she “refuses to feed into Ramona’s drama about Tom.”

“I wish she would focus on her own life and stop focusing on Tom and I,” LuAnn said. “So Ramona likes to spread rumors, and it’s just not real.”

LuAnn added that she and Tom have been together for over a year now and accused Ramona of living in the past. De Lesseps doesn’t think there is any truth to any recent rumors about Tom’s cheating — so she refuses to listen anymore.

It sounds like the drama between LuAnn and Ramona is just getting started on RHONY Season 9.

RHONY fans, do you think Tom is cheating on LuAnn like Ramona claims?

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