Karlie Kloss Oscars After Trump won 2017 elections without Joshua Kushner

Karlie Kloss Still Dating Joshua Kushner As Donald Trump And Brother Jared Kushner Push Stephen Bannon Out

Karlie Kloss found herself in the middle of convoluted politics when Donald Trump came into power. With her boyfriend Joshua Kushner’s brother Jared Kushner, married to Ivanka Trump, becoming a big figure in Trump’s cabinet, she has been faced with conflict of interest as she develops her career outside the fashion world.

Despite this complicated and deeply embroiled situation, Karlie is still dating Joshua Kushner. In her latest Instagram story, she posted a video about making a homemade gluten-free pizza for her boyfriend.

Karlie Kloss cooking for boyfriend Joshua Kushner 2017

Despite this complicated and deeply embroiled situation, Karlie is still dating Joshua Kushner. In her latest Instagram story, she posted a video about making a homemade gluten-free pizza for her boyfriend.

It’s pretty obvious just how much influence Joshua has on Karlie’s career, as she looks to be more than just a Victoria’s Secret model. She is perhaps most known for her efforts in increase the number of girls interested in coding and taking part in Silicon Valley startup culture, something that her boyfriend, being a venture capitalist, knows a lot about.

The 24-year-old supermodel started Kode with Klossy two years ago as a way to provide resources for teenage girls to learn how to code. She has been working tirelessly to expand this program via her YouTube channel, Klossy, and this year, it looks like this summer, she will be seeing the fruits of her labor.

“This year, [Kode with Klossy] is expanding to 10 cities— including New York, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Oakland, Chicago, Austin, Detroit, Miami, Atlanta and New Orleans—and offering about 300 scholarships,” reports Forbes. “Through the program, supported by Ford’s STEAM Experience initiative, students will learn the fundamentals of Ruby on Rails and explore concepts in front-end and back-end software engineering, building a web-app by the end of the two weeks.”

This good news comes in the middle of yet another surprising changes in President Donald Trump’s cabinet. Stephen Bannon, who was considered a right-hand man for Trump for so many of the executive orders and policy reforms that the new government is trying to put in place, is now removed as the top political adviser. And many people are pointing to Jared Kushner, Joshua’s older brother, as the reason for the oust.

“New details emerged Wednesday about the role President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, played in convincing the president to remove top political adviser Steve Bannon from the National Security Council,” reports Huffington Post. “The move was widely interpreted as a sign of Bannon’s diminishing influence in the Trump White House following a series of botched executive orders and the failure of health care reform.”

Many of the news outlets have picked up on the fact that there is a severe conflict of interest as Jared Kushner started playing a big role in Donald Trump administration and Joshua Kushner was running a business that went counter to his plans.

As the co-founder and chairman of Oscar Healthcare, a startup would have taken a hit if Republican health care reform was successful, Joshua Kushner is tangled in the political game that his brother Jared Kushner is playing. According to the New York Times, Joshua has assured his investors that his brother’s connection to Donald Trump will not have an effect on how he conducts his business, but that also has been called into question.

Now that Stephen Bannon is no longer Trump’s political adviser, it looks like Jared will come even more into light.

“Trump keeps expanding Kushner’s bloated portfolio while leaving key agencies woefully understaffed, and that’s ‘a sign that he doesn’t know how government works,’ said a former Bush administration official who has had extensive dealings with Kushner,” reports New York Times.

Karlie Kloss’ boyfriend’s position in this matter is rather confusing. He was seen taking part in Women’s March on Washington, which showed that he stood against the cabinet that his brother was a part of, but he also posted a picture of himself in the White House on his Instagram. In fact, his latest update attests to the fact that he still in line with the message that goes against Trump politics.

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