is Jinger Duggar pregnant

Jinger Duggar Pregnant? Mrs. Vuolo Expecting First Baby, According To New Report [Debunked]

Is Jinger Duggar pregnant? Rumors have been swirling for a couple of weeks now that the wife of Jeremy Vuolo is warming a bun in the oven – without official confirmation from the family, that is. Now a new report claims definitively that she is. Unfortunately, that report is made by a disreputable magazine quoting anonymous sources.

Both In Touch Weekly and Hollywood Life, as well as several other celebrity magazines, have published attention-grabbing headlines this week claiming that Jinger is pregnant. All of those sources quote Star Magazine, which itself quotes “an insider” close to the couple as confirming that Jinger and husband Jeremy are expecting a child.

“Jinger and Jeremy are keeping the news under wraps to promote the upcoming season of Counting On. No one would be surprised if they moved back to Arkansas to be with her family.”

Unfortunately for Duggar family fans eager for a new bundle of joy to join the ever-expanding family, Star quoting “an insider” doesn’t really amount to much. Like the National Enquirer or GameNGuide or multiple other “news” sources, Star isn’t known for fact-checking and will take a random phone call from a random person claiming to have insider information as gospel. Seriously, it says so right there on their website: it says “Star pays for scoops” and gives you a form to fill out or a toll-free number to call to give them your insider information.

None of this is meant to say that Jinger Duggar isn’t pregnant. Whether she’s expecting or not, so far she’s not telling anybody, which is her business and her choice.

All of this Jinger Duggar pregnancy speculation started going around last week, when a photo on an Instagram account purported to belong to Jinger turned up. In the photo, taken at Kentucky’s Christian tourist attraction Ark Encounter, Jinger is seen posing with a fan. If you look at the bottom two buttons of her shirt, you can maybe see what could be interpreted as a slight protrusion of her lower abdomen.


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Admittedly, that’s not much in terms of evidence that the 23-year-old is pregnant. And in fact, there are plenty of reasons why the photo probably doesn’t show a pregnancy. Bad lighting, bad camera angles, and the way Jinger’s shirt was hanging that day all could contribute to creating an optical illusion that makes it look like something is protruding but really isn’t. The human brain has evolved to see patterns where there are none; the process is called pareidolia, and it’s the same process that causes some people to believe they see Jesus Christ in a tortilla shell. Combine that with an eager public who loves celebrities, loves celebrity pregnancy stories, and is anxious to see a newly-married woman expand her family, and you have a recipe for rampant pregnancy speculation.

However, the absence of evidence is not going to stop fans from gobbling up any hint of a pregnancy, and a few days later, another Instagram photo got fans talking. The next photo, taken at what appears to be an airport where Aunt Jinger and Uncle Jeremy met her two nephews, shows Jinger wearing a jacket.

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Fans, analyzing every pixel of that photo have determined that her posture and the fact that she’s wearing a coat (which is to say, she’s trying to hide the baby bump from the camera) are evidence that she’s pregnant. That’s it. Of course, you can also see that Jeremy and Spurgeon (the older of the two nephews) are both wearing jackets, and baby Henry is bundled up tightly in a full-body onesie. In other words, it was probably just cold wherever they were that day.

If you’re really desperate for a Jinger Duggar pregnancy, unfortunately, today does not appear to be the day that you’re going to get confirmation. Two photographs and an uncredited report in a disreputable magazine do not make for confirmation that she’s pregnant, and it looks like Jinger’s fans are just going to have to wait until she confirms her first pregnancy for herself before they can start welcoming a new Duggar baby.

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