Jana Duggar Courting Rumors Swirl Around Lawson Bates

Jana Duggar Courting Rumors Swirl Around Lawson Bates

Jana Duggar has found herself the target of cruel criticism for being single as several of her younger sisters have already been married off. Rumors have been floating around about her sexuality for quite a while now. Duggar has been silent about her love life, mostly because the attention is always focused on one of her other siblings. Jill, Jessa, and Jinger Duggar are all married off and beginning their lives as mothers and wives, and Joy-Anna Duggar will be tying the knot with Austin Forsyth at some point this year. Jana isn’t in a rush to settle down but fans have been pushing a relationship on her for years.

The latest rumor about Jana Duggar seems to be that she is courting another famous reality star from a family much like her own. Lawson Bates is rumored to be her boyfriend, though no one has been able to confirm the courtship. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jana Duggar and Lawson Bates are not courting. In fact, Bates’ mother commented that the news of a courtship would be surprising to both Jana and Lawson. The rumor has been circulating for almost two years and if their was an actual courtship happening, it would have definitely been used as a ploy for bigger ratings.

Jana making some delicious homemade bread for Christmas day! It’s a family favorite. 🙂

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The Duggar family doesn’t keep things like courtships a secret for very long. With all of the interest in Jana Duggar, anything regarding her love life would be leaked or announced immediately. She is an important part in making things in the Duggar home run smoothly, and has been helping her sisters as they get ready to start the next chapters in their lives. Currently, Jana has been focused on rehabbing a building she bought for a secret project. With everything she has going on in her life right now, a relationship is hardly her first priority.

There has been a lot of upset among critics and fans with all of the attacking of Jana Duggar. She has said that there have been several courtship offers but none that have called to her. Duggar isn’t going to jump on the first guy that offers, especially if she doesn’t feel lead to do so. The girls were all brought up in a very religious setting, sometimes even referred to as possible “cult” mentality. Jana wants to wait for the one, and is content in doing so despite the comments made in the media and on several social media posts. While it may be hard to watch her sisters leave before her, she is happy to be at home and to help Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar run the household.

I always enjoy these times with Jill! ☺️❤️

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A new season of Counting On will be airing this summer and fans are hopeful there will be more of Jana Duggar featured. There is a lot of curiosity surrounding the building she bought and what she intends to use it for. The Duggar kids are very business savvy and have learned to have various trades throughout their lives. From Jana liking interior design and baking to the boys learning to work on cars, there have been a lot of real life experiences given to them through homeschooling.

Now that the Jana Duggar and Lawson Bates rumors can be put to rest, fans hope she finds someone to court soon. She isn’t old by any means but she is already a decade older than Michelle was when she married Jim Bob Duggar. This family has been hit with a lot in the last two years and now, things are finally slowing down. Jana Duggar is still waiting patiently for her knight in shining armor and fans hope that he is on his way to sweep her off her feet.

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