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Troops Wipe Out Playground Full Of Children In Syria [Video]

Syria Airstrike

Assad’s troops have wiped out a playground full of children in a town on the outskirts of Damascus, according to The Atlantic Wire.

An airstrike ordered by the Syrian government on Sunday included an attack on a playground in Deir al-Asafir. The cluster bombs were also dropped on several areas in the region. Video footage of the aftermath is easily one of the more disturbing clips you’re likely to encounter online.

“None of those killed were older than 15 years old,” one villager explained. “There are two women among 15 people wounded, mostly hit as they were inside the courtyards of their houses.”

Locals said the attack on the playground full of children came without warning. Nearly a dozen kids died as a result.

“There were no fighters inside Deir al-Asafir when the bombing occurred. They operate on the outskirts. This was indiscriminate bombing,” the villager added.

The aftermath of the attack is nothing short of horrifying. According to Reuters, bodies of dead children lined the streets. In video embedded below, a woman weeps over a dead child dressed in all purple while others contend with a several bloody bodies inside a nearby car.

Residents of Deir al-Asafir are also having to deal with the large number of unexploded bombs that are still lying around the village. One mande said that over 70 cluster bombs have been gathered since the airstrike.

Syrian authorities have yet to comment on the situation. However, several media outlets in the region explained that the government was interested in “cleansing” certain areas of possible terrorists. Since most journalists have been barred from reporting in the country, these reports are still being verified.

Video of the aftermath has been embedded below. Warning: The clip does contain very graphic and disturbing footage.

Do you think the Syrian government should be held accountable for the death of several children after troops wipe out a playground?

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13 Responses to “Troops Wipe Out Playground Full Of Children In Syria [Video]”

  1. Dusten Michael Carlson

    If anyone who speaks their language can translate/explain why they're saying "God is great" over and over again, I'd be much less perturbed.

  2. Melissa Stusinski

    The Syrian government will most likely attribute the attack to "terrorists" being in the region, like usual. They need to be held accountable for all of the lives they have taken (I believe the number is more than 30,000 now). This attack highlights how little they care about who dies. :(

  3. John Hardie


  4. Nick Di Cresce

    Dusten he is not saying God is great that is Allahu Akbar.
    They are saying why God why is this your will.
    Prety much what anyone in any ethnic group would say to such a horific event!

  5. Robert Dungan

    @Nick: Horseshit, they say the same thing when they are about to voluntarily blow themselves up and kill a bunch of innocent people. The world doesn't need any more apologists for these lunatics. There are too many already. He is reminding the other lunatics of what they have brainwashed into accepting as okay.

  6. Dusten Carlson

    @Nick, he IS saying "Allahu Akbar", it's unmistakable. I was curious about how it's framed, so if what you said refers to the context (or fills in the rest of what he is saying) then that's what I was after. Wouldn't want to throw stones without understanding the whole thing. If he's saying "God is great, why is this your will" that makes more sense, as you said. Like Americans saying "Oh my God," it is a sad declaration. But you can hear him saying "Allahu Akbar" in the video posted. My point was simply this: That doesn't necessarily mean he's praising Allah for what happened. I wanted to know more.

  7. Adam Larson

    "Allahu Akbar," = "Oh my God," sometimes in joy, sometimes in horror, etc. Very religious, very Sunni people tho, and it's worth wondering how they really mean it in many cases, including this one (and how sincere their version is). They had just conquered an airbase (or helicopter junk dump?) 2 miles away that morning, fell back somewhere. So the gov. responds by… bombing a playground? On purpose of course? Hmm…. Friggin' mess. Let's toss some weapons into it, huh?

  8. Adam Larson

    They did that with the Houla massacre too. There's video proof they were right in that case, whatever the UN said (with shoddy methodology, BTW). Compared to those 49 slashed kids, a stolen or smuggled cluster bomb in a playground and fighter jet fairy tales would be downright pedestrian.

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