Herve Pierre: Melania Trump's Mysterious Green Dress Designer - Is French-Born Designer Hiding From Backlash?

Herve Pierre: Melania Trump’s Mysterious Green Dress Designer – Is French-Born Designer Hiding From Backlash?

The green dress worn by First Lady Melania Trump to meet King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan has gotten plenty of attention. So has Melania’s dress designer, Herve Pierre.

However, unlike other designers quick to shout their support of Melania from the hilltops of Instagram, like when Stephano Gabbana of Dolce & Gabbana told critics of Melania to “go to hell,” as reported by the Inquisitr, Pierre’s social media and online footprint is harder to come by. Herve has an Instagram account, but the “Herve Pierre Creative Director- Couturier” Instagram account named “saintsatur18” is currently private, with only 80 followers, which begs the question: Is Herve hiding from Melania’s critics?

Perhaps Pierre doesn’t want to engage in the type of banter seemingly required to dress Melania these days.

Melania Trump wore Herve Pierre to meet Queen Rania of Jordan

Folks are digging into the meaning of Melania’s green wool crepe Herve dress, reports the Telegraph.

herve pierre
Melania Trump in an emerald green Herve Pierre dress. [Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

Melania met Queen Rania of Jordan, an international style icon in her own right, at the White House, and Mrs. Trump and Queen Rania went on to pay a visit to a girls-only school. Tapping the skills of Herve once more, Melania used Pierre, who was previously Carolina Herrera’s creative director, to help her pull together the emerald-green ensemble.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Melania had previously turned to Herve for the all-important inauguration dress, which he designed with Melania’s help. Back then, the New York Times and INYT fashion director/critic noted that Melania’s dress wasn’t strictly from Herve’s imagination. Instead, Pierre got tips from Mrs. Trump as a collaborative effort in designing Herve’s vanilla silk gown creation.

“Melania Trump’s dress is a collaboration between herself and Hervé Pierre, former creative director of Carolina Herrera.”

That tweet was immediately met with backlash and a “buy American” brouhaha since Pierre was born in France, even though he relocated to New York decades ago.

[Image by Ron Sachs/Pool/Getty Images]

If Melania decided to keep using Pierre to design her dresses, it could turn into an Oleg Cassini and Jackie Kennedy-type relationship, reports the Telegraph. And as such, Herve’s profile will grow. But the mysterious Pierre is a 52-year-old designer who isn’t plastered all over the world wide web. Perhaps because Herve has already dealt with backlash over dressing Melania the first time. As reported by Harper’s Bazaar, Herve defended dressing Melania by saying he did not anticipate the backlash.

“I’m not doing politics, I’m doing dresses. I had no idea when I made the dress what the consequences would be.”

Exclusive: #HervePierre, the designer behind the First Lady's inaugural gown, opens up to BAZAAR's @LaurenChristensen about the debut, tap the link in our bio to read now. "I'm not doing politics, I'm doing dresses. We are not suddenly brokering a deal between China and Russia."

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It seems anyone who dresses Melania runs the risk of a boycott of their work, so it stands to reason why Pierre might choose to lay low online. On Instagram, there are currently 437 posts tagged with the #hervepierre hashtag, such as the one below.

Happy Oscars Weekend! #FBF 2013 Academy Awards. The magicians and Mz Zellweger. #gettinreadyforwork #hervepierre @kristoferbuckle

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In that photo, Renee Zellweger prepared for the Oscars and Herve’s name appears in the hashtag. Pierre commented that he loved Renee.

saintsatur18: “Oh… Happy time at Herrera!!! Renee…. I LOVE you!!! Thank you Lee to have posted this picture!! #reneezellweger

When a PR person praised Herve on Instagram, he thanked her as well.

“I couldn’t be happier for Herve Pierre. The recognition he’s receiving is so well-deserved. Ruth La Ferla beautifully captures his brilliant talent and irresistible charm in today’s New York Times. #hervepierre #nytimes

saintsatur18: “Thank you SO much darling Marie. Love always ️HP”

And when another posted a “fun” wedding dress design, Pierre was there with Instagram praise as well.

Meeting up with old classmates in Paris in 1992 – Hervé Pierre designed me a wedding dress, just for fun. #hervepierre #ecoledelachambresyndicaledelacoutureparisienne

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saintsatur18: “Oh Marianne!!! The world is so small!!! Thank you for posting a sketch of mine! I hope you are as fabulous as you were when we were in Paris.❤️❤️️HP”

[Featured Image by Ron Sachs/Pool/Getty Images]