Kurt Angle become WWE Raw General Manager

WWE News: Mick Foley Comments On Kurt Angle Being The New ‘WWE Raw’ General Manager

On the latest episode of WWE Raw, Vince McMahon approached the ring to announce the next general manager for the Raw brand. Previously, Mick Foley was fired from the GM position as a result of ongoing friction with the commissioner, Stephanie McMahon. This, as a result, left the red brand without a GM. The authority spot became even more vacant when Triple H accidentally bumped Stephanie into the table outside during his match with Seth Rollins.

Angle as general manager has already accepted by many, as his reactions during exchanges with WWE talent were comical, and he jelled in the position quite quickly. However, many theorize that he will be in the ring sooner than later.

While speaking with CBS Sports, Angle stated, “I really think that Kurt Angle is not done wrestling, and I think it’s safe to say that I will be wrestling back in that WWE ring again. I know the right now I’m going to take more or less of an ambassador role [with WWE]. I do know there’s a chance of Kurt Angle wrestling again.”

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His predecessor, Mick Foley, had some kind words to say about Angle as general manager via Facebook.

“Kurt Angle is great choice for #RAW GM. He has the respect of everyone in the dressing room, can get serious when he needs to, and has an awe-inspiring ability to embrace his inner nerd. He is likely to have very good chemistry with a wide assortment of the #Raw roster – which makes for good television. I’m not sure if this is true, but there is a rumor out there that he won an Olympic gold medal with a broken freakin’ neck!”

Foley went on to state that he is always willing to give Angle some advice on how to successfully fulfill the GM role for Raw. He also stated that he will be keeping a low profile on social media when it comes to speaking about the product, although he did put over the Cruiserweight match between Mustafa Ali and Neville.

Foley had all the tools to be a very successful general manager for the Raw brand. When he was chosen last year, fans were behind the decision, and excited about what will happen on Raw on a weekly basis. However, things started to get a bit sour when Stephanie McMahon would spend many segments emasculating Foley in front of the live crowd and those watching on television. Not only did this belittle Foley, but it took some of the status away from him from an authority standpoint.

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For Angle, it seems like he may be on television by himself, and the bump that Stephanie McMahon took at WrestleMania looks to be a sign of her being away from TV for a while.

When Stephanie returns, it will be interesting to see how their dynamic will be. With Stephanie typically using her power on-screen to make others look weak, which was exhibited to her interactions with Mick Foley, doing that to Kurt Angle might not get the same reaction. Moreover, if it does happen, it might be a way to get him back in the ring again.

Regardless of who his opponent is. Angle coming back to a WWE ring would be a pleasure to see. From his work within the past year, there is no doubt that Angle can still go strong in the ring, based on his recent matches with Cody Rhodes and Alberto El Patron. Angle has already confirmed that it is not a matter of if, but when, he will return to the ring. Until then, fans should expect more comical moments on Raw as GM.

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