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‘RHONY’ Star Ramona Singer Claims Tom D’Agostino Cheated On LuAnn Again, Here’s Why De Lesseps Doesn’t Care

RHONY star LuAnn de Lesseps married Tom D’Agostino on New Year’s Eve last year, but that hasn’t stopped Ramona Singer from pointing out that the RHONY star’s husband is still cheating on her. According to People magazine, Singer claims that the reason LuAnn doesn’t care about the cheating allegations is because they have an open marriage.

On Wednesday’s Season 9 premiere of RHONY, LuAnn de Lesseps D’Agostino’s relationship with Tom was a hot topic once again. As RHONY fans remember, it was suggested in Season 8 that Tom had previously dated Ramona Singer and had some type of sexual relationship with Sonja Morgan. Of course, D’Agostino denied having any connection to either woman, something that only infuriated Ramona even more.

Just days after proposing to LuAnn, Tom was seen at the Regency Hotel in a lip lock with another woman. De Lesseps agreed to forgive Tom, and they moved forward with their plans to get married. There was still buzz about Tom’s fidelity as the cameras started to tape RHONY Season 9.

According to Radar Online, Singer asked de Lesseps if she had proof that Tom had cheated on her just three months earlier if she would want to know. LuAnn told Ramona that she is a grown woman and knows what she is doing. In short, the RHONY star told Singer to stop meddling into her relationship with Tom.

Singer felt hurt by LuAnn because she was excluded from her bridal shower. Dorinda Medley tried to convince Ramona on RHONY Season 9 Episode 1 that Tom and LuAnn are genuinely in love with each other. Singer didn’t dispute that fact, but she said that they are in an open relationship and they are free to date “whoever they want.”

“She’s the same way as he is,” Singer said. “They should just confess and stop pretending they’re something they’re not. They like to have some open time with each other!”

So where did Ramona get her information from about Tom and LuAnn’s open relationship? A friend of a friend from Florida told Singer that her son was allegedly approached and propositioned by de Lesseps.

“Luann was just in Palm Beach,” Ramona explained.

“She went to the ladies room and she was hitting on a guy who is 30. And he was finally so taken aback by her — because she was like ‘Where are you going to be tomorrow night? What are you doing tomorrow night?’ — that he finally said, ‘I have a wife!’ His mother went to my girlfriend’s mother and said, ‘What the heck’s going on?'”

The RHONY star wasn’t sure how to respond to Singer’s claims. She felt that they should give Tom the benefit of the doubt and try to support LuAnn’s engagement. Ramona wasn’t in a place to do that just yet.

“I’m just giving you the facts, baby,” Singer fired back. “And you know what they don’t realize? It’s a small effin’ world. Everyone talks. They can get married. I’m just telling you, he’s going to get hurt. She’s going go to get very hurt. Because when he’s away, he plays.”

LuAnn finally addressed the situation with Ramona and set her straight about her relationship with Tom.

“It’s not turning a blind eye. I know what I have and I’m strong as a woman,” de Lesseps said.

“And if you don’t think I’m strong, then you really don’t know me at all. Tom and I are solid in our relationship, and I’m not going to listen to the fodder of all of you girls anymore. That is over. That is so last year for me.”

Ramona claimed the reason that LuAnn doesn’t care about the woman that Tom may or may not be having an affair with is because they have an open relationship.

“This is not the kind of relationship we have. Tom and I are together. There’s no open relationship. We are together, we’re getting married. I’m a big girl and I know what I’m doing. … This is going to be a really special year,” LuAnn stated.

It looks like RHONY Season 9 is going to be a rocky ride.

RHONY fans, do you think LuAnn and Tom have an open marriage?

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