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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Casting News – Ivy Natalia Plays Femme Fatale in Final Tracy Plot

General Hospital spoilers and casting news reveal a new femme fatale has been cast on the ABC soap. The lovely Ivy Natalia landed a new role that begins on Friday, April 7. The gorgeous brunette is part of the exit storyline of General Hospital legacy character Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) that also involves other major characters on the GH canvas.

Ivy Natalia Cast As Samira

This General Hospital casting news comes from Twitter via an early leak of this week’s ABC Soaps in Depth. The sultry actress will reportedly play Samira, an exotic character attached to Tracy’s quest to obtain the Renaissance painting that was the property of her father, Edward Quartermaine (John Ingle). As of now, the Turkish monks are fighting Tracy on the artwork.

Way back in the day, Edward was apparently on the run and took shelter with the monks. While there, he left behind a letter to Tracy and the painting that greatly resembles her. So how will Samira play into this and what part will Ivy Natalia add to this exit storyline for Tracy? There may have already been a hint about when and how General Hospital fans will meet Samira.

Remember The Crying At The Abby?

On this week’s General Hospital, Tracy and Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) were told to stay in their room at the abbey because women weren’t allowed to go wandering around in the all-male cloister. But, of course, Tracy and Laura neither one are the type to follow a rule, particularly one handed to them by some random guy in a long dress.

When Tracy and Laura were leaving the room, they heard the sound of a woman crying, and they went to investigate. However, they didn’t get too far because on Tuesday’s General Hospital, Tracy and Laura saw the monks with the painting and a confrontation ensued. But once things calm down about the painting, General Hospital spoilers predict the ladies will follow the sound.

Who Is Samira And Can She Help Tracy?

General Hospital spoilers have not offered particulars on Ivy Natalia’s short guest arc on GH. All that has been revealed is that she’s involved with Tracy and the painting. Other General Hospital spoilers tease Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) is back for a short bit of Tracy’s exit story that’s happening because Jane Elliot recently retired from the ABC soap.

Will Samira lead the ladies to Luke? As of this week, General Hospital spoilers say the monks will continue to fight Tracy on the painting. The Abbott of the place told Tracy that he received an offer from a private bidder to purchase the painting since it couldn’t be sold at auction. Even though it’s clear the painting was Edward’s, the monks want the money to cover the cost of their charity work.

Upcoming Spoilers For Tracy’s Story

Later this week, General Hospital spoilers reveal Tracy and Laura get another surprise and Tracy receives a warning that startles the ladies and puts a damper on their Turkish delight. Then, midway through the month, General Hospital spoilers promise Tracy is back in Port Charles and decides to upstage Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero). This no doubt has to do with Olivia’s engagement.

The next day, on Tuesday, April 18, General Hospital spoilers predict Tracy disappoints the Quartermaines and the same day, Ned Ashton (Wally Kurth) lays into an uninvited guest. This could be when Anthony Geary is back as Luke since Ned wouldn’t be happy about Luke breaking Tracy’s heart. Later that week, Tracy sees Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) again, and he doubts her motives.

It will be tomorrow when General Hospital fans get to meet the mysterious Samira played by Ivy Natalia in her GH debut.

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