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Scheana Shay Slammed For Sharing Intimate Scene With Mike: ‘That’s Life…Sorry’

Scheana Shay has been working on herself for a few months, as she filed for divorce from Mike Shay back in late 2016. She gave the marriage everything she had, but when she learned that Mike had been lying to her about doing drugs and buying them for the sake of reselling them, she decided to give him one last chance to come clean. Sadly, he lied to Scheana about his involvement, and she decided to file for divorce. Vanderpump Rules fans saw the confrontation, and while some people enjoyed seeing some closure to this divorce drama, others felt it crossed the line.

According to a new tweet, Scheana Shay is now defending her decision to film her divorce drama, as some fans felt that the last scene of the season crossed the line. During the episode, fans watched Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz get married. It was a happy moment, and they celebrated their love. But the last 10 minutes of the episode showed how Scheana Shay decided to end her marriage.

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“A little disappointed in Bravo for having the scene with Scheana and shay. That’s so personal. Definitely crossed the line,” one Vanderpump Rules fan revealed to Scheana, saying that the divorce conversation was too much to show on television.

“It was both of our choices to film that. This is what we signed up for,” Scheana Shay replied, defending her decision to let the cameras inside her home to film the confrontation between herself and Mike.

“Ya but right after a happy wedding. It kind of spoiled the mood after such a beautiful wedding..,” another viewer chimed in, to which Scheana Shay replied, “That’s life… sorry to upset you lol.”

Of course, Scheana has signed up for the show, and fans expect to see every aspect of her life. The two got married on Vanderpump Rules, and Shay may feel that she owes her fans the conclusion of her marriage. And maybe it was therapeutic in some way to film the scene with Mike for the show, as she wants to close this chapter of her life. And now, she can close this chapter with the Vanderpump Rules viewers.

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But the divorce isn’t the only thing Scheana Shay has dealt with over the past year. She recently revealed that she had struggled with an eating disorder, and she’s now doing what she can to get back on track with her body. Late last year, Shay went public with her 20-pound weight loss, which seemed like a lot considering she has such a small frame. Scheana recently opened up to Bravo about her eating disorder issues.

“I was 20 years old. I was going to be moving out to Hollywood. I wanted to be an actress. Thin was in 11 years ago. Kim Kardashian was not a thing. It wasn’t cool to have a big butt. For me, I was just like, ‘I don’t want to work out, so the only way I know how to get skinny is to stop eating,'” Scheana Shay told Bravo about her eating disorder, as she struggled with anorexia.

“I remember stepping on the scale the day of my college graduation, and I was 102. I was like, ‘Yes, I’m almost under 100.’ I was proud of myself,” Shay continued, revealing that she’s now healthy and fit.

What do you think of Scheana Shay’s decision to film such an emotional scene with her soon-to-be ex-husband? Do you think Shay should open up about her eating disorder as well on Vanderpump Rules to inspire and help others who are going through the same thing?

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