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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jax’s Confession Leaves Fans Scratching Their Heads, What About Jake?

Jax is back on ABC’s General Hospital, and he comes with a major confession. What he had to say may have shocked his ex-wife, Carly Corinthos, but viewers saw this one coming long ago. He finally told Carly the truth about how Nelle came to be Josslyn’s kidney donor, which was that he was the one who bought the kidney from Frank Benson. This whole thing would be fine, except for the fact that none of this really makes any sense, and this has everyone so confused.

General Hospital fans are quite adamant that the writers stick to the rich history of the soap. At least, if they are going to change things up a bit, have it make some sense. This current storyline has viewers scratching their heads wondering how the whole kidney confession makes any sense at all. Previews for Thursday’s episode has Jax confronting Nelle. He is expected to confess everything to her. Soaps She Knows says that Nelle will have a realization about something, which has to do with his confession about her donated kidney.

This should be how it all plays out. However, there is one thing missing from this scenario, and that is Jake Webber. In the original story line when Joss got sick and needed a kidney, she had supposedly gotten it from Jake, who had unexpectedly died from a car accident. It was all played out in very emotional scenes with Elizabeth, Lucky, and Jason having to say goodbye to their son, but they took heart that he saved Jax and Carly’s daughter’s life. Everyone slowly moved on after that.

However, Jake ended up being very much alive and was found to be living with Helena Cassadine during that time. Then, later on, it was discovered that Nelle Hayes (Benson) was actually Josslyn’s kidney donor, and that is why she came back to get revenge on Carly, thinking that she was the one who bought the kidney from Frank.

Now, Jax will confess that it was not Carly, but he was the one who did the deed. However, according to the outcry of General Hospital fans on social media, none of this makes any sense at all. At the time that Carly and Jax were told that their daughter needed a transplant, Jax had promised Carly that he would do whatever he could to make that happen, and it looks like he did just that.

Jax was looking for a kidney with Alexis right before he found out about Jake’s accident in 2011. Carly interrupted them to tell them that a kidney had been found, and it was little Jake. At the time that Josslyn was going through her surgery, Jax told Alexis that he couldn’t imagine how Elizabeth was feeling after losing Jake. So, GH history says that at that time, Jax thought that his daughter was getting Jake’s kidney.

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So, how did it come about that the current story line has Jax confessing that he gave Frank Benson a million dollars to find a kidney for Josslyn, and it ended up to be Nelle? This would lead General Hospital viewers to think that if this were true, then Jax would have known that little Jake was still alive after all. It really doesn’t make any sense. There has got to be more to this story, right?

It could all make some sense if it wasn’t Jax who got the kidney in the first place. Many thought that his brother, Jerry Jacks, would be the one who knew that Helena had Jake and that he would have gotten the kidney from somewhere else. There was always the question as to how Helena got hold of Jake as well. He went straight from being on life support into the kidney transplant surgery that saved Josslyn’s life. How could it not be Jake’s kidney?

There is one thing to note on who actually performed the transplant. Terrell Jackson was Josslyn’s doctor at that time, and there was someone else who scrubbed in as well. Dr. Lisa Niles was asked to assist in the kidney transplant back in 2011. She was one bad girl, and in addition to her many crimes that she committed before she was killed later that year, she could have always been in cahoots with Helena Cassadine. Could she have somehow been involved in this? Crazier things have happened before on General Hospital.

There is one good thing about Jax’s confession is that Nelle is expected to come clean herself. According to Soap Central, she will be going to Sonny to tell him that she made up the story about them sleeping together to get back at Carly. At least, that will be done and over with.

As for Jax, there are still way too many questions that need to be answered. Did he really know that Jake was alive and let Elizabeth think her son had died? It doesn’t seem like he would do that. Did the writers actually change things up from the rich General Hospital history that fans remember? Is this Jake Webber really Elizabeth’s son?

There is a General Hospital rumor that Liz will end up becoming distraught later this month. What is that all about? It most likely has to do with Jake. Does she find out that her son really died after all? Or did something really bad happen to Jake while he was with Helena that would leave her that upset?

What are your thoughts on this storyline right now?

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