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WWE News: Steve Austin On Roman Reigns And Undertaker At ‘Wrestlemania’—‘It Caught Me Off Guard’

In WWE news, Steve Austin weighed-in on the Undertaker’s retirement at Wrestlemania 33, and how his last match was with Roman Reigns. When the Undertaker signaled his retirement at Wrestlemania—by taking off his famed coat, gloves, and hat, and leaving them folded in the middle of the ring—the WWE news made headlines everywhere. It was one of the biggest moments in Wrestlemania history, and just like the Undertaker, it was hard for the audience not to become emotional.

Much of the WWE universe is sad to see the legend retire, and it seems an equal amount are angry that it was Roman Reigns who beat him. Many fans were hoping that John Cena would face “The Deadman” at Wrestlemania. On a recent Smackdown, John Cena even remarked that he wished he was wrestling the Undertaker. And going by Wrestlemania tradition, that match might have made more sense to some fans.

Wrestlemania WWE News
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Ric Flair’s last match (at least with the WWE) was against Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 24. Shawn Michaels’ last match was with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26. So many people thought that The Undertaker’s last match would be in similar fashion (losing to a legend in the wrestling industry, like John Cena, at a Wrestlemania). Instead, his retirement was unannounced, and he lost to one of the most unpopular WWE superstars.

Industry professionals and WWE legends have been sharing their thoughts on the Undertaker’s retirement, and him losing to Roman Reigns, including “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. On Thursday’s episode of The Steve Austin Show—Unleashed, the Hall of Fame inductee shared his views on the WWE news of the Undertaker retiring at Wrestlemania 33, and how it was Roman Reigns who beat him.

“I didn’t know it was going to be his last match; it caught me totally off guard when Undertaker took off his gloves, his trench coat, and his hat, and walked away. It wasn’t about putting him in there with some of the greatest talents of all time so he could have a good send-off; it was him passing the torch to a guy that’s going to stick around, and hopefully draw a lot of money for the company…I thought it was very fitting. I thought it was a hard-fought match.”

Steve Austin also noted how the finish wasn’t the usual WWE ending to a Wrestlemania.

“Vince [McMahon] always talks about making people smile. This time he wasn’t trying to make people smile; this was paying respect to the Undertaker who is riding off into the sunset.”

Indeed, most WWE superstars, or any athlete of any sport for that matter, don’t get such a grandiose farewell. Because of sustaining a career-ending injury, many WWE wrestlers (like Edge) didn’t even know it was going to be their last match. The Undertaker at least knew it was going to be his final bout. And like he always has throughout the last 33 years, he left it all in the ring.

Wrestlemania WWE News
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Steve Austin also remarked that by the end of Wrestlemania, because of the emotional and long farewell, he forgot about the match that the Undertaker just had with Reigns. Because Wrestlemania 33 was never about Roman Reigns retiring the Undertaker; it was about the Undertaker retiring, and the WWE giving him his well-deserved farewell.


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