Charlotte Headed to SmackDown Next Week

WWE Rumors: WWE Planning to Send Charlotte Flair to ‘SmackDown,’ Alexa Bliss to ‘Raw’ Next Week

The WWE Universe is expecting some big changes to the rosters for Raw and SmackDown after the “Roster Shake-Up” next week, but a rumor going around is showing that no WWE Superstar is safe from switching brands. More specifically, it seems that WWE officials have big plans to “shake-up” the women’s division on both brands next week that could shock the WWE Universe if they actually believed some women were safe.

Since Vince McMahon announced on Monday Night Raw that WWE would be “shaking-up” the rosters for both Raw and SmackDown next week, the WWE Universe has been speculating about who will be switching brands. Thus far, Seth Rollins moving to SmackDown and AJ Styles moving to Raw are some of the biggest rumors circling the upcoming roster changes. However, the women’s division is also going to be changing.

In particular, it’s being said that WWE officials are looking to make some huge changes to the Raw women’s division. Bayley will remain the Raw Women’s Champion for some time, but WWE is looking to keep Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair on different shows for awhile. The Boss is rumored for a heel turn as well, so one of the biggest rumors heading into the “Roster Shake-Up” is that Charlotte will be heading to SmackDown.

Alexa Bliss Could BE Headed to Raw Next Week
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Charlotte Flair moving to SmackDown is a massive move for the women’s division. Not only would she be a huge addition for SmackDown, but her spot on Raw disappearing would create a lot of competition for the brand’s women. However, WWE officials aren’t just planning to bring Charlotte to SmackDown and let the chips fall where they may on Raw. It’s being said that Alexa Bliss would be making the move to Raw herself.

No other woman in WWE has elevated her game as much as Alexa Bliss as a result of the brand extension. A lot of people didn’t believe Bliss would make the kind of impact she’s made over the past few months. She’s won the SmackDown Women’s Title twice and is has quickly become one of the top heels in WWE. Charlotte and Bliss switching brands would be a dramatic and exciting change for the entire women’s division.

Creatively, the expectation is Alexa Bliss would begin a rivalry with Bayley almost immediately after making the move to Raw. WWE officials are still expected to book Bayley vs. Sasha Banks for WWE Summerslam, but they need to fill a few months of television before pulling the trigger on their feud. Charlotte Flair’s role on SmackDown isn’t as clear, but Charlotte vs. Naomi for the SmackDown Women’s Title is a possible plan.

Bayley and Naomi Arent Expected to Swtich Brands
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Another factor to keep in mind is Asuka will be heading to Raw or SmackDown at eventually in 2017, so she will be playing a big role in the women’s division whenever WWE officials feel it’s the right time to bring her up from NXT. Her main roster debut is expected to happen over the summer at some point, which means a lot of what WWE does now is in preparation for her boost to the women’s roster later this year.

For now, WWE is planning to build each brand’s division around Bayley and Naomi as the champions. Both women are strong babyfaces, so whatever changes WWE is making next week during the “Roster Shakeup” are expected to help them become stronger champions over the spring and into the summer. Charlotte and Alexa Bliss switching brands will have a huge impact on the WWE women’s division, but the bigger question is whether or not those are the only big changes WWE has planned for their women next week on Raw.

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