April the giraffe updates and labor news as giraffe prepares to give birth online

April The Giraffe Labor Updates And Animal Adventure Park Latest News: Dr. Tim Shares Photos, Watch Live Cam

April the giraffe is still pregnant, much to the surprise of the millions who’ve watched her live cam on YouTube. A 15-year-old Reticulated giraffe who lives at the Animal Adventure Park (AAP) in Harpursville, New York, April has enthralled viewers since her cam went live on Feb. 10. With miscalculations regarding her gestation and due date, fans have been waiting and watching for April to go into active labor since February. Though the weeks have come and gone, the public is assured that April and her calf are fine and they pregnancy is progressing normally. On April 5, 2017, the Animal Adventure Park provided updates on April’s condition and included a new photo of April’s udders. Additionally, April’s veterinarian Dr. Tim has shared photos of April that illustrate the significant progress she’s made on her journey to active labor. If you haven’t watched the live giraffe cam you can watch it in the video player below, along with other important videos from the AAP.

Watch April the Giraffe’s Live Cam

Update! During the April 5, 2017 evening update, the Animal Adventure Park shared a new photo of April’s backend. You may compare the swelling depicted in this photo with the pictures Dr. Tim shared below.

Here is the photo of April’s udders as shared on April 5, 2017.

Because there was a misconception about April’s udders producing milk, the timeframe for the onset of active labor was wrong. Despite those mistakes, we can rest assured that April is really pregnant and will give birth to her calf online when the baby is ready to be born.

Those following along with our labor updates will recall that April’s udders must enlarge for approximately 19 days before the onset of active labor. April’s udders will produce milk two days before active labor begins. You can learn more about April the giraffe and the importance of her udders to the beginning of active labor in the article below.

Each day, the Animal Adventure Park shares updates regarding April’s current condition. Additionally, April is examined by her veterinarian Dr. Tim Slater “Dr. Tim” at least once per day and sometimes twice per day. As April continues to near the end of her pregnancy, Dr. Tim’s updates mean a great deal to April’s fans. Dr. Tim has shared new photos of April’s backend in addition to pictures of her udders. You may see those photos below.

You can also watch a video of Dr. Tim feeding April a carrot below.

In addition to photos of April’s udders, we can also see how April is progressing in her pregnancy through the photo album Dr. Tim has shared via Facebook. The photo album contains pictures of April’s backside, udders, and vulva and reveals that she is truly coming to the end of her pregnancy journey.

April the giraffe has become a true Internet sensation. When the Inquisitr first reported on April in February, it was believed she would give birth imminently. That time frame was off but that hasn’t stopped the momentum April has caused. People from all over the world have put many of their activities on hold to watch April each day, check in on her progress, and see if she has given birth live online. Though many expected her to give birth towards the end of February and then in March, people continue to tune in by the hundreds of thousands to watch the live giraffe cam.

Many have credited April the giraffe with bringing the nation together at a time when it was greatly divided. Politics had caused strife and many people found themselves separated as a new president took office. A common theme currently heard on social media networks that follow April’s progress is that April brought unity. With millions of people watching April, it isn’t uncommon to find someone whether you are in school, a grocery store or at work who is also watching the live giraffe cam and checking in on April’s progress. This has created a sense of comraderies among those who watch the live cam and are patiently waiting for active labor to begin.

Are you watching April the giraffe live and waiting for her to go into active labor? Are you excited to witness a giraffe calf born live online? Can you wait a little longer? Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Thaninee Chuensomchit/Shutterstock]