Melania Trump Wears Green Dress To Meet King Abdullah And Queen Rania

Melania Trump Wears Green Herve Pierre-Designed Dress To Meet King Abdullah And Queen Rania [Photos]

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump can be seen in the photo above with Queen Rania, wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan. Melania wore an emerald green Herve Pierre dress, which is notably different than the colors Mrs. Trump has chosen in the past for her dresses, such as red, powder blue, white, and black. The green dress seemed to make Melania’s eyes appear more green-colored as well, as various hues seem to have an effect upon a person’s eye color, although experts say it’s the way viewers perceive the color that changes, instead of the actual eye color changing, according to Live Science.

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President Trump, King Abdullah II Of Jordan At White House With Melania And Queen Rania

The occasion for Melania choosing a green dress to don was President Trump and Mrs. Trump’s meeting with the Jordan leader and his wife. As seen in the photo above, Melania and President Trump waited for the arrival of the couple as they stood outside the West Wing of the White House on April 5. Once again, Melania is winning raves for her choice of attire, at least from those who love the look of the green color on Mrs. Trump.

As reported by Vogue, Queen Rania’s look wasn’t green but a black and white affair, with a structured look to her outfit that reminded of the 1960s era. Queen Rania chose contrasting colors in comparison to Melania’s green look.

Today, First Lady @flotus received @queenrania and King Abdullah of Jordan @whitehouse wearing a beautiful green Wool crepe dress by #hervepierre. #fashion . . . . . #firstlady #melaniatrump #queenrania #jordan #fashionstyle #igstyle #igfashion #whitehouse #julianamodine #fashiononrock #makeup #jewelry #ootd #ootn #Powerofthefirstlady #beautiful #usa

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As of this writing, WWD does not appear to have the designer of Melania’s green dress listed on the publication. However, according to Fashion Rock as reported by White House Wardrobe’s tweet below, Mrs. Trump is wearing a green wool crepe dress by Herve Pierre. Pierre is the same French-born designer of Melania’s inauguration gown, as reported by the Inquisitr.

The fact that Melania once again chose a dress with a slight slit is not being lost on people who are admiring photos like the one below, which shows Mr. Trump gesturing and introducing Melania to the leaders.

Melania green dress
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According to Yahoo Style, Melania’s appearance at the White House was a rarity caught on camera about as often as viewers have seen Melania wearing a green dress as of late. However, Melania has received plenty of kudos on social media for the long-sleeved emerald dress, along with Mrs. Trump’s choice to pair the green dress with black accents, such as a black belt and black heels to offset the green dress.

For her part, Queen Rania was no slouch in her choice of dress, since she is viewed as a style icon around the world. Queen Rania’s dress came with decorations such as a white neckline to offset the black of the dress.

However, social media is reacting to some of the photos that show Mr. and Mrs. Trump, especially one that showed the women standing behind the men in the White House. With the women standing behind the men, as seen in the photo below, it was an arrangement described as weird by a senior State Department protocol official.

Either way, the white and black outfit donned by Queen Rania and Melania’s green dress, coupled with their sky-high stilettos that was black for Melania and white for Queen Rania, are getting plenty of responses on social media. Melania’s fashions are getting comments like the ones below on social media.

“Melania Trump looked stunning as she greeted Queen Rania of Jordan in this form-fitting emerald dress.

“And I can’t stand Melania’s dress. Since that’s more newsworthy that ignorant accusations.

“Queen Rania and Melania International dress designers dream models.”

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