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Texas Secession Movement Inspires Man To Change Middle Name To ‘SECEDE’

Texas Secession Bid Inspires Man To Change Middle Name To 'Secede'

Houston, TX – The Texas secession petition has inspired one man to change his middle name to “SECEDE,” reports The New York Times. Yes, that’s “SECEDE” in all caps.

Larry Scott Kilgore, a long-standing Republican candidate from Arlington, Dallas, will soon become Larry SECEDE Kilgore. He has also revealed he will run for governor of Texas in 2014.

Kilgore’s official site sums up the wannabe governor’s views on breaking away from the United States, with the header reading:

“Secession! All other issues can be dealt with later.”

Kilgore’s name change comes after a petition calling for Texas to secede from the US surpassed 100,000 signatures earlier this month. The White House is obliged to respond to any petition on its site that tops 25,000 signatures.

The Texas secession movement began shortly after the re-election of President Barack Obama on November 6. Since the original Texas secession petition launched, Republican supporters from every other state have signed petitions asking for their states to secede.

However, the bid for secession is felt strongest in Texas, a state that GOP candidate Mitt Romney won by nearly 1.3 million votes. The New York Times reveals that sales of bumper stickers reading “Secede” (one for $2, or three for $5) have increased dramatically at

The White House is expected to respond to the Texas secession bid soon. Whether seceding is a serious option is open to debate, though there may be some legal basis for such a move.

What do you make of Larry Kilgore’s commitment to the Texas secession cause? And how do you feel about Texas dropping out of the United States altogether?

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40 Responses to “Texas Secession Movement Inspires Man To Change Middle Name To ‘SECEDE’”

  1. Shade Obscure

    tell all them fuckers to leave Texas than maybe we can be a progressive state rather than a state stuck in the past! fuck em!

  2. Kimberly Ochoa

    Not proud to be an American! Move to Mexico or Canada… but leave Texas alone. I have family that served this country and have lived in this great state all their lives. Why is it that the Republicans feel the need to cry when something doesn't go their way? I am a proud Texan and a proud American… many other countries don't have it as good as we do.

  3. Anonymous

    I am not an American, but I think these secessionist are doing a big disservice to their great nation. I wonder what they aim to achieve with that.

  4. Scott Loiselle

    I say let 'em secede! Then lets ATTACK and conquer the suckers, all those Texas Republicans will be the first to tell you that war is great for business!

  5. Anonymous

    So lets see how far they go IF they do secede. First off all US government will stop. They then pull out all of US troops. And close all military bases. Leaving them pretty well defenseless. All government programs stop. So no more money for roads, and the state troopers that patrol them. Lets see how long before chaos starts.

  6. Mollyblue Albert

    I don't care if they secede. See how well they do with nothing but hot air, football and beauty queens as marketable goods. They won't be getting any US handouts like agriculture subsidies, public welfare, food stamps or corporate welfare.

  7. Gary Cummings

    I am native born Texan, and I am an American first. The Texans who wish to secede are gutless, mindless cowards, who will not honor the re-election of Barack Obama in 2012. The GOP lost and the Texans just can't stand it. A good chunk of the economy of Texas is dependent upon the defense industry and army and air bases of the US military and NASA, which belongs to the US. If the Texans don't like the outcome of the election of 2012, leave and move to a right-wing dictatorship of their choice.. The ones talking secession are traitors to the US and to the US Constitution.

  8. Clint Tacker

    We hope the US would pull and stop all aid. We gave DC ove 370 billion dollars and we get back less than 50 billion. So right there we have a surplus of money. And by the way "state' Troopers are just that, state. Get educated before you post

  9. James Hokr

    I think we should cut off everyone's cell phones and satellite tv. Charge them $1000 each to turn them back on. If they complain, $2000 each and use the money to invade Mexico. They are all up here so we could sneak up on them

  10. James Hokr

    We have the F-16, F-22, Nasa, Dell, Computer Chips, Oil, Natural Gas, Refineries, the Gulf, Lumber, Farming, Agriculture, Banking, Bases, Shipping, etc. What the hell do we need with you?

  11. Anonymous

    Once you secede you are not a STATE anymore maybe you should get educated.

  12. Anonymous

    And my father is a STATE trooper and 80% of his payroll is paid thru the FEDS

  13. Kimberly Ochoa

    Not all Texans are runners. Apparently there are at least 100,000 out of the the 25million that live in Texas that are. I want to know where the patition to stay apart of the U.S.A is at?

  14. Amanda Ely

    It's too bad most of those get a good chunk, if not all, of their funding federally, and would be pulled out of there before you could secede, huh? You might as all get the hell over it because it will never happen. Just run down to the nearest store, and buy some ointment for all you butthurt.

  15. Brian V. Sitterley

    Obama should support this. If several red states secede his life would be rather more tranquil. Think, liberals, you could dominate whatever was left of the USA forever!

  16. Al Butterfield

    I would have assume that most or all of you are not from Texas. Texas like Alaska has a different mentallity when it comes to looking at the whole county. Texas did ask for the right to seceed when the partition for statehood was filed, but the final papers are mute on this point.Texas like Alaska would be much better off as a seperate nation. Texan's like their personal freedoms and with little or no Fed gov't intervention.At this time Houston is the petro chemical capitol of the world.
    The fed's did not really want to annex Texas, but did so because the British were looking at Texas. Before annexation Texas was a sovereign nation, this is why the Texas state flag can be flowen at the height as The American flag. With the loss of states rights and the heavey hand of the Fed's I totally support secsession.

  17. E Norma Stitz

    No! For God's sake don't encourage an asshole like that to move to Canada – we've got enough secession issues already with the frogs in Quebec. Let all the Republican asswipes move to Mexico – they'll be back trying to climb the fence within a month! What a bunch of bonewhackers!

  18. Kimberly Ochoa

    Oh you mean the same Texas that was fought and won from Mexico? I do live in Texas and I have family who have fought in the wars that made our country strong and full of opportunity and freedom. If you dont support America then please by all means move but in my book you and the other secessionist are traders and cowrds. When Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and Independance Day come around, I feel you people discrace each and every person who helped mold our country. Shame on you and them for even pretending to be American. I bet you live in Alaska.. cross that fine line to Canada but I bet they wont want traders either.

  19. Jon Davis

    actually gary cummings, that isn't treason. But hey don't let facts get in the way. People wanting to get away from the stupidity of the federal govment is not un american. Wasn't it Moochele Obama who said she was never proud of her country until Berry was elected? Sounds pretty unamerican. Wasn't berry the one who said he wants to fundamentally transform america? Doesn't sound very patriotic. But hey again, don't let facts get in the way.

  20. Don Kirk Green

    it will not happen. this is a much different time than the late 1800's early 1900's. we waste far to much energy on utter stupidity

  21. Jeff Hayden

    Obviously these idiots posting comments do not have the slightest understanding of what freedom really is !

  22. MC Yarbrough

    Why is it stupid to secede and why would it be treason? Let's get the record straight, here in Texas we LOVE AMERICA and WE LOVE BEING AMERICAN, what we don't like is what and how our Federal Governement represents our country to the rest of the world, especially since we are being sold out right under our very noses to the UN, yes our country is being sold out to the UN and it's on the fast track if we don't stop it. Now I don't care what state you live in, if you are an AMERICAN that should not be okay at all with you nor should it sit pretty with you! It's not that we really want to secede from America, it's that we are sick and tired of the corruptness that the Federal Government is doing to us as a whole. Treason? Have you looked at O and Hillary and Gen Dempsey and Panetta, you want to talk about treason, go look up their actions and then come back tell me Texas is in act of treason for wanting to leave the corruptness. When your own country is wanting to take away guns to fight against tyranny a direct attack on the 2nd amendment. But yet our Government sends guns to Mexico puts them in the hands of drug lords that kill innocent people, when our Federal Government gives money and firearms and jets to the Muslim brotherhood, and that is not treason? If Texas was a country, we would be number 15 in the world for sustainability, so yes we might just be okay.

  23. Jeff Hayden

    Well said !
    The states formed the federal government , not the other way around. As with a bad marriage, sometimes it is best to part friends and go your separate ways.

  24. MC Yarbrough

    @Lauren that may be true, but I was just making a point. Another commentor pissed me off by saying it was treason to secede when what is happening higher than us is performing way more treason than we can shake a stick at. 😉 Yes it would be scary if we ever did, but yes you're right we probably won't. I love being American and a Texan. 😉

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