Ginger Cheesehog went crazy

Viral Video Of Meltdown Over Forehead Kiss: Who Is The Woman Allegedly Behind This?

Recently a video went viral of a woman having a meltdown over a forehead kiss. The thing is this kiss didn’t even happen to her, but it was a boyfriend kissing his girlfriend on the forehead, which shouldn’t have been a big deal at all. Lost At E Minor shared all about this viral video, and now it has been revealed by Wetpaint who the woman behind it all appears to be. It is believed that this is really Anna Storelli, and she happens to be an amateur porn star. She is being called “Ginger Cheesehog,” but of course, that is not her name. So far, Anna hasn’t admitted to being the woman in the video.

This all happened at a Santa Monica restaurant. When the video starts, you can hear someone telling the woman to leave and asking why she is there. She says that she has a right to be there, and she tells the people to go get a room over the forehead kiss. She wants them to go make out outside and not in the local eatery. The woman believed to be Anna Storelli even calls the woman a slut and a prostitute over a kiss on the forehead. They say that they will order and move on. Beware before you watch this video because there is some graphic language.

It goes so far that the woman believed to be Anna Storelli is seen screaming that she is going to report them to the police. All that happened was a forehead kiss. She went on saying that they were making out in front of people and making them uncomfortable. She ends up in the man’s face, and they are both asking for someone to call the cops. She is screaming at him and saying that they are sexually harassing her.

The next thing you know, the woman asks for a refund because of what is going on there. She is very unhappy about this forehead kiss and wants to report the person working there to his manager. She even screams that they were having sex there, which isn’t what was going on at all. Anna doesn’t want to watch them do this and even calls the woman ugly that he kissed.

You can check out Anna Storelli on her Twitter account and get a look at who this woman actually is and what is going on with her. The recent post on her page, dated March 23, says, “Your wife, fiance, and girlfriend and friend and fan and lover and sex partner and soul mate.” This was the first activity on her Twitter page since June 2016. In older posts, she goes on and on about how she isn’t dating her sister’s boyfriend, Jeff. She also says that Justin Bieber is her actual husband. Anna Storelli is also not a fan of Selena Gomez.

Reading over Anna Storelli’s Twitter page, you can find out a lot about her. She loves Justin Bieber and her sister doesn’t. She enjoys posting a lot about it as well. She hasn’t shared her viral post and everyone wonders why a bit. She used to have a Facebook page, but that appears to have been disabled now. A lot of people don’t understand why she was so upset about a forehead kiss, but maybe they missed something. The video clearly doesn’t show what was going on with the couple, even though they say that is all that it was between them, Anna felt like it was more.

Are you shocked by the way this woman acted over this kiss on the forehead? Do you think that she had any reason to be upset? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

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