'My 600-LB Life' Steven And Justin Pictures: After Rocky Journey, Do The Morbidly Obese Brothers Lose Weight?

‘My 600-LB Life’ Steven And Justin Pictures: After Rocky Journey, Do The Obese Assanti Brothers Lose Weight?

My 600-LB Life may not have many cases more infuriating than Steven and Justin Assanti, the morbidly obese brothers who berate their father and ignore what could be life-saving treatment.

But fans of the show are turning into the second part of their two-part series looking to see pictures of Steven and Justin after their My 600-LB Life appearance, hoping to see that the pair lost weight.

As the the synopsis from Broadway World noted, Steven and Justin are seen spiraling out of control in not only their addiction to food but in the case of at least one of them, also prescription painkillers. Along the way, they both find difficulty adhering to their new diets.

“On top of his food addiction, Steven has been abusing the hospital system in Houston in search of pain killers. Dr. Now decides he cannot work with Steven unless he takes proactive steps towards health and mental well-being. With this in mind, Steven attempts a detox program but only lasts a short time before slipping into his old habits. Meanwhile in Rhode Island, Justin has enjoyed having distance from his brother.”

“He’s feeling more support from his father who helps Justin open his own hobby store. He’s even making some new friends along the way, including a new mother figure. But because Justin is focused on a new career, his diet falls by the wayside.”

For Steven, the appearance on My 600-LB Life came after several other failed attempts to lose weight. He was featured in a 2015 article from The Associated Press about his attempts — and struggles — to lose weight. As the report noted, Steven was seen in a video showing him berating nursing staff at a Rhode Island hospital. He had been admitted for a leg infection, but ultimately got kicked out for ordering a pizza to his room.

Steven had also appeared on the Dr. Phil show in 2007, where Monsters and Critics noted that the host described him as “lazy, manipulative, and fundamentally dishonest.”

Viewers seemed to agree, with the My 600-LB Life appearance drumming up plenty of anger toward the brothers.

Because TLC stretched the story of Steven and Justin across two weeks of My 600-LB Life, there weren’t any pictures of the brothers available after their journey had ended so viewers can see if they lost weight. The show’s producers work hard to keep the final reveal under wraps, but viewers hoping to see pictures of Steven and Justin after they appeared on My 600-LB Life may not have much longer to wait.

As the Providence Journal hinted, there may not be much to see in terms of weight loss. The show’s synopsis noted that both Steven and Justin have trouble, though Justin appears to be trying harder to stay on track than his more troubled brother.

“With Steven’s addictions spiraling out of control and Justin refusing to change his eating habits, both brothers risk losing the last chance they have to save their lives,” TLC noted in a statement (via the Providence Journal).

The local newspaper for the Rhode Island brothers didn’t give away any pictures of the pair after their appearance, either.

Any weight-loss photos from Steven and Justin after My 600-LB Life will be added to the show’s official page on TLC. The full episode showing Justin and Steven can be seen here and should be up within a day of Wednesday’s 8 p.m. broadcast.

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