Latest Jon Gosselin rumors suggest he will get married again

Jon Gosselin Rumors: Kate Gosselin’s Ex Says He Will Marry Again

It’s been a while since we heard from everyone’s favorite ex-husband, Jon Gosselin. But you have to hand it to the old chap: once he gets back in the news, he really knows how to make a splash. After making headlines for announcing that he’s becoming a stripper, the latest Jon Gosselin rumors suggest that he’s about to do something no one ever thought he would do: get married again!

We wonder what will happen when Kate finds out the news.

People Magazine sat down with the father-of-eight to discuss the latest Jon Gosselin rumors about this very subject. He told the interviewer that, despite the fact that his marriage to Kate didn’t work out, he likes the idea of marriage and would be open to getting married again.

“It’s hard to find a normal person if you’re still on television. It’s easy to find a normal person if you work a normal job and have a normal life. I’ve been with Colleen for almost three years. She’s a huge part of my life. I like marriage. So, I don’t know. Maybe.”

Meanwhile, the latest Jon Gosselin rumors from Philly Voices suggests that his new line of work — as a stripper — isn’t going as well as they previously thought (and how could it, really?).

Someone should have figured something was up when he made his debut on April Fools’ Day, but who knows what people think anymore.

Later on, it was announced that Gosselin was merely interested in trying a “social experiment” to see if people would pay to see him strip for charity.

“In a Facebook post on April 1, Gosselin explained that the whole promotion was an elaborate ‘social experiment’ for a charitable party to celebrate his 40th birthday. A portion of the proceeds went to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. For those who forked over $40 to see the 40-year-old bare it all, it wasn’t all a disappointment. Photos and a video obtained by The Daily Mail show Gosselin pole dancing while wearing a hula skirt at his party. That was probably better for everyone involved.”

But there are some good Jon Gosselin rumors coming out of the news wires. The latest from E! News extolled his various jobs that he’s had throughout the years.

Even though he rose to fame in 2007, back when he was still married to Kate and at the height of the Jon and Kate Plus 8 craze, he never fell back on his “celebrity status,” and he never stopped working. No matter what it took to pay his bills, he was always happy to do it.

Prior to making his mark as a male stripper, Gosselin was working at TGI Friday’s as a waiter. But rather than get down on himself about it, Gosselin said that the job gave him a sense of purpose and direction.

“The former TLC star is also a DJ who has performed at several venues across the country. During one gig at Laurel Lanes’s Brewser’s Pub in New Jersey, Jon played a number of top 40 hits including Iggy Azalea and Rihanna. He sadly couldn’t draw many people to the dance floor, according to an eyewitness.”

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