‘Southern Charm’ Update: Kathryn Dennis Speaks Out On Supporters And Detractors

Southern Charm got to a fast start on Monday, and while Kathryn Dennis wasn’t on the show for more than a moment, she was there in spirit for better and worse as her supporters and detractors kept her present with mentions and gossip. But fans didn’t have to wonder what Kathryn was thinking for long as she happily reached out, live tweeting with fans as the show rolled on Bravo. And the Southern Charm star didn’t mince words to let everyone know who she thinks is trying to get attention by stepping on her toes.

Kathryn Dennis has already spoken out to say that unlike last year, where she was the odd man out, and the friends she had turned out to be opportunists, this season on Southern Charm, she really feels like she has a #girlsquad of supporters, says the Inquisitr. For Southern Charm season four, Kathryn Dennis counts Naomie Olindo, Danni Baird, Chelsea Meissner, and Elizabeth Madison among her friends and confidantes during the season and today.

On Southern Charm, there is one couple who have remained #teamKathryn all the way through, and that is Craig Conover and his stylish girlfriend, Naomie Olindo. Whether it is that Craig and Naomie are closer in age to Kathryn, when most of the cast is much older, or something else, Craig and Kathryn have been friends from day one. Even when it could have been easier for Craig and Naomie to fit in the group if they trashed Kathryn, they both refused to do it, and Kathryn has said she is grateful.


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Craig, Kathryn, and Naomie traded tweets after the show on Monday.

“You killed it tonight good work. Loved the ending”

And Kathryn responded in kind.

“Thank you! Keep you’re head up, the ending is in your favor too!!”

And while on the Southern Charm season 4 premiere, wannabe cast members “cousin” Shelby and Eliza gossip about Kathryn, according to her, in an attempt to be relevant, the cast member who seems to dislike her most, Landon made sure she gave a solid kick at Kathryn when she was down and out, having just left rehab. Even those who liked Landon wondered why she would still try to find humor in a young mother seeking help in rehab.

When fans last saw the cast of Southern Charm, it was at the reunion, where Landon and Thomas tried to make Kathryn look crazy for suggesting that after being rejected by Shep, Landon moved on to Thomas. But Kathryn says this season, she feels vindicated, as it’s obvious that the two had been hooking up for some time. But Kathryn says at this point, after lying, Thomas and Landon deserve each other.

“Both [are] kind of just so ridiculous that I think that perhaps they kind of deserve each other.”

Kathryn jokes about nicknames for Landon. One name is “Blandon” given by Southern Charm fans on social media, because she is boring, and Kathryn’s newly coined name, “Land-a-Man-don — trying to always land a man.”

Kathryn says it was well known that Landon asked Thomas to introduce her to his “rich friends” when she moved to Charleston, so it is “pretty ballsy” that Landon calls Kathryn a gold-digger.

And while Kathryn has Southern Charm fans that don’t care for her, those who don’t like Landon can be vicious, which likely accounts for a volume of people she has blocked from her Twitter account. More than one fan has written that it is a “badge of honor” to be blocked by Landon. Several fans have appealed to Bravo to replace Landon with someone interesting.

“I wish Bravo would quit trying to make Landon happen.”

“Attention fans: Tonight’s the night so check your remote control batteries so you can press “Mute” during Landon‘s scenes!”


What do you think of the sides taken on Southern Charm? Are you #teamKathryn?

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