Ivanka Trump: 'Complicit' Meaning Unknown: Webster's Dictionary Lists Complicit, Conflate Definitions [Video]

Ivanka Trump: ‘Complicit’ Meaning Unknown – Webster’s Dictionary Lists Complicit, Conflate Definitions [Video]

Ivanka Trump was famously roasted by SNL in the below video, showing Ivanka hawking a perfume called “Complicit.” Now the real Ivanka has spoken out about her views on allegedly being complicit in any of her dad’s actions in the below video, titled “Ivanka Trump on what it means to be ‘complicit.'”

As seen in the above interview with Gayle King on CBS This Morning, Ivanka gave her own definition of complicit.

It was Ivanka’s first interview since getting her own White House office and becoming an assistant to President Donald Trump. Therefore, King took the opportunity to ask Ivanka her views on parodies like the video above, named “Complicit – SNL.” Ivanka told Gayle that she did not know what the word complicit meant, after Ivanka paused a couple of times before answering, and giving her own definition of complicit. Instead of any negative connotations of collusion and the like, Ivanka defined complicit as a person who would want the best for their country and for their own life and for the lives of others.

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In the below video titled “Ivanka Trump on business conflicts, Jared Kushner’s W.H. role,” Ivanka said that she is complicit if complicit means being a “force for good.” However, as seen in the below dictionary definition, complicit is not defined as a force for good.

Ivanka attempted to turn the complicit wording into a more positive definition, and challenged anyone watching to walk a mile in her shoes and see the manner in which they would act with the circumstances she has been given. As soon as Ivanka’s interview began go to viral, so did look-ups for the word “complicit.”

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“In her first interview after becoming assistant to the president, Ivanka Trump sits down with CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King to talk about her role in the White House. Watch the interview Wednesday, April 5, 2017 on CBS This Morning.”

As seen in the below tweet from Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, the reference tool noted that “complicit” became the No. 1 word looked up via their website in the wake of Ivanka telling CBS that she didn’t know what the word complicit meant.

“I don’t know what it means to be complicit.”

As reported by Merriam-Webster, the number of people searching for “complicit” also increased after the above “Complicit – SNL” video aired.

“Lookups for ‘complicit’ spiked after Saturday Night Live aired a fake commercial for an imaginary Ivanka Trump-branded perfume called Complicit.”

Ever the helpful dictionary, Merriam-Webster defined the definition of “complicit” as follows.

“complicit adjective com·plic·it kəm-ˈpli-sət

Definition of complicit

  1. : helping to commit a crime or do wrong in some way He was complicit in the cover-up.”

“Complicit” isn’t the only word that has surged in the wake of Ivanka’s interview with Gayle. Merriam-Webster also reports that “conflate” has also surged in searches.

According to the Merriam-Webster Twitter account, searches for the word “conflate” have increased by a whopping 1906 percent in the wake of Ivanka’s interview.

“We’re still seeing word trends from the Ivanka Trump interview: lookups for ‘conflate’ are up 1906 percent.”

Ivanka may have claimed not to know the definition of “complicit,” but Ivanka apparently knew the meaning of “conflate.” Ivanka said to not “conflate lack of public denouncement with silence,” reports CBS News.

“conflate verb con·flate kən-ˈflāt

Definition of conflate, conflated, conflating

  1. transitive verb
  2. 1a: to bring together :fuseb:confuse
  3. 2: to combine (as two readings of a text) into a composite whole The editor conflated the two texts.… a city of conflated races and cultures … — Earl Shorris”

Ivanka also told Gayle that she tries to stay out of “palace intrigue” fights or disagreements at the White House. Ivanka also said that she has received advice from counsel on how to properly divide her business interests from her political interests.

Ivanka called her husband Jared Kushner very humble in terms of the things he doesn’t know and seeking out advice.

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