Is ‘Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans’ Social Media Ruining Her Chance At Getting Jace Back?

The controversial Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has threatened to quit her social media in a deleted post on her personal Facebook account after fans had a field day judging her for spending time with on and off again friend, Tori Rhyne.

Jenelle Evans, who is currently in a custody battle with her own mother, Barbara, for her first born, Jace, may actually want to consider following through on her promise to leave the platform after what fans witnessed this weekend on her Snapchat account.

Woman with wet hair and a beer
Tori Rhyne cracks open a beer on Jenelle’s Snapchat. [Image by Jenelle Evans’ Snapchat]

Those who follow Jenelle Evans via Snapchat were treated to a sneak peek at her wild weekend with Tori Rhynes, where the pair appeared to be drinking and messing around on a boat. Tori was acting strangely, rambling and calling Jenelle a crackhead.

While this behavior may be pretty standard for people in their mid-20s, most people are not being scrutinized for both being on television and for gaining custody back of their child. Jenelle Evans has a history of drug abuse, including several arrests for possession and paraphernalia. While Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, promised she would give Jace back to her once she cleaned up her act, Snapchat stories like these do not do much to help Jenelle’s case.

Woman with wet hair and crop top on a boat
Tori Rhyne behaving strangely on a boat with Jenelle Evans and fiance David Eason. [Image by Jenelle’s Snapchat]

Jenelle Evans has also had a sordid relationship with her pal, Tori Rhyne. A few years ago, naked photos of the pair were released as they did drugs and engaged in lesbian activity. While Jenelle Evans severed their friendship, it appears Tori is back in her life, and it doesn’t look like it is for the better.

After Jenelle Evans’ daughter, Ensley, was born in January of this year, it was reported that Tori tried to capitalize on her famous friend by taking photos of her newborn and selling them to a tabloid.

It is also alleged that Tori is still a regular drug user, which would not bode well for Jenelle Evans’ case it the rumor is true. It is well known that former addicts should not hang around with current addicts in order to keep their sobriety intact.

Brunette woman with curls and tan dress smiling on red carpet
Jenelle Evans arrives at the MTV VMAs. [Image by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP Images]

After the Snapchat had appeared and Jenelle received negative feedback from fans, she lashed out on her Facebook page in a post that has since been deleted.

“Deleting all of my social media because apparently if I hangout with old friends I’m going to mess my entire life up. bye.”

“Sick of being judged,” she wrote.

While Jenelle made the threat to her fans, it appears that she has not followed through.

Last summer, however, Jenelle Evans made good on her promise to delete her social media and disappeared for a while, after it was confirmed that she was pregnant with baby Ensley. When she returned to the scene, she claimed that social media had ruined society for good. But clearly, that hasn’t stopped her from continuing to use it.

Although she and Barbara are continually embroiled in a custody battle, Jenelle Evans did take to her Facebook to let fans know that she and Barb aren’t always on bad terms.

Young couple in car with older woman
Jenelle shares her frustration with MTV on her Facebook [Image by Jenelle Evans’ Facebook]

Amid claims that her mother is not invited to her wedding, she also shared that she and her mother can go out and have a nice time, and MTV has edited it to show that the pair is always fighting with one another.

While Jenelle Evans may be the biological mother of her son Jace, it is incredibly important that his interests are kept at the center of the matter. Jenelle tearfully told Dr. Drew on the Teen Mom 2 reunion special that Jace often texts her and asks when he is going to live with her. But unless Jenelle cleans up her act on social media, the answer may, unfortunately, be never.

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