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‘Teen Mom’ Star Kailyn Lowry Finally Ready To Reveal Baby Daddy No. 3? Everything We Know

Kailyn Lowry announced her pregnancy five weeks ago, yet she still hasn’t confirmed the identity of the father. There are, however, a few likely candidates who fit the bill. While we wait for Lowry’s confirmation, here is everything we know about the Teen Mom star’s new baby daddy.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, there are three men who likely fathered the baby – J.C. Cueva, Tyler Hill, and Chris Lopez. We can already rule out Lowry’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, with whom Lowry shares one child. Out of the three likely candidates, each one has a strong connection with the Teen Mom 2 star.

Lowry allegedly had an affair with Hill while Marroquin was on deployment overseas in the U.S. Air Force. We know for sure that Hill and Lowry texted each other last season of Teen Mom, but it’s important to note that they actually never dated.

I can't wait to meet you ????

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Cueva currently works as a producer on Teen Mom 2 and has developed a strong friendship with Lowry outside of the show. In fact, Cueva has admitted that he finds it hard being Lowry’s boss and friend at the same time. If Cueva is the father, then this helps explain why Lowry is being so secretive about the pregnancy.

Cueva and Lowry have both confirmed that their relationship is only platonic in nature. That leaves Lopez, who has the best case for being Lowry’s new baby daddy.

Sources close the matter revealed that the father was a friend of Lowry whom she dated for a short time. This fact rules out both Hill and Cueva, both of whom Lowry never dated. She may have hooked up with one or both of them, but their flings didn’t come close to dating.

Lopez is a different story. A few months ago, Lopez shared an interesting post on Twitter about his “miracle child.” The comment was made around the same time Kailyn Lowry found out she was pregnant. Further, Lowry liked the comment, though Lopez later deleted it.

This interaction on social media isn’t enough to prove that Lopez is the father. Last week, however, Lowry slipped a pretty convincing piece of evidence to back up the notion that Lopez is the father.

During a live stream on Instagram, Lowry discussed possible baby names with a friend.

The friend told Lowry she should name the baby Holden if it is a boy. In reply, Lowry said, “Chris would say, ‘I’m Holden the baby!'”

A few minutes later, Lowry ended the session after fans started speculating whether she just revealed the identity of the baby’s father. Lowry’s hasn’t confirmed or denied that Lopez is the father, but the evidence backs it up.

While we wait for an official confirmation, People reports that Lowry is excited about bringing another child into the world. The reality star announced her pregnancy a few weeks ago after fans noticed that she was rocking a small baby bump.

“If you’ve googled my name the past few weeks, the speculation of so many things have surfaced – no one knows what’s true, what’s false and what really goes on in my day-to-day life. Since everyone can’t wait for the confirmation; here it goes. I am pregnant,” she stated.

Little one ????

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This past week, Lowry took to social media to share a few ultrasound photos of the new baby.

“I can’t wait to meet you,” she captioned the images.

While Lowry is clearly excited for the birth, In Touch Weekly reports that she isn’t rushing to confirm the identity of the father. A source told the outlet that Lowry is waiting for the right time to make the big reveal and is not ready to let everyone know – at least not yet.

“People are asking her daily — dying to find out the name of the daddy and the gender of the baby,” the insider noted. “However, she is simply not ready to share that information. The news will likely come out at some point, because the cameras will probably be rolling again soon.”

Tell us! Do you think Kailyn Lowry is ever going to come clean about baby daddy no. 3? Let us know in the comments below.

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