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Trump’s Border Wall Design Bids Opened, Contractors Want To Use Deadly Force Against Hostile Protesters?

President Donald Trump’s border wall design bids have now been revealed, but they have not yet officially been shared with the public. Contractors who are eager to get the border wall jobs are already facing death threats and asking if workers will be immune from legal prosecution if they have to use deadly force to protect themselves while constructing the barrier between the United States and Mexico.

Border wall design bids were due yesterday. A government official who reportedly has knowledge of President Donald Trump’s major national security project maintains that four of the 10 border wall job bidders will likely be selected to build prototypes of their border wall design, the Daily Mail reports.

President Trump’s border wall might come complete with solar panels, a host of decorative features on the American side of the wall, bombproof concrete, and maybe even a tourist attraction. The border wall prototypes might be built along a strip of federal land that is approximately a quarter-mile long and about 120 feet from the border in the San Diego area. An official decision for the location has not yet been announced, but the federal government plans to spend about $200,000 to $500,000 on each prototype, according to the same source.

One border wall design bidder allegedly asked if construction workers can carry a gun even in states with stringent Second Amendment restrictions to protect themselves from potential attack by violent protesters.

The Penna Group LLC, a Texas-based contractor, has already received about a dozen death threats. After the company’s chief executive, Michael Evangelista-Ysasaga, announced plans to place a border wall bid, a woman informed him she had hired a private detective to follow him.

“We didn’t enter this lightly. We looked at it and said we have to be a productive part of the solution,” Evangelista-Ysasaga said.

A buffer zone around the wall prototype building area will be created and monitored by both local law enforcement agencies and United States Border Patrol agents during the project, if warranted by threats or disruptive and destructive protests. A chain link fence with barbed-wire around it will be temporarily constructed when the actual building of the border wall begins to prevent trespassing and attacks on construction workers.

Earlier this week, representatives from the San Diego sheriff’s office and police department stated they would respect the First Amendment rights of protesters to peacefully assemble. Although no timeline for the construction of the border wall prototypes has yet been released, protesters are already organizing their demonstrations.

“There will be a lot of different activity – protests, prayer vigils – on both sides of the wall,” said Border Angels Executive Director Enrique Morones. “We pray and hope that they’re peaceful.”

Border Angels is an immigration advocacy group based in San Diego.

The border wall design bid presented by Single Eagle has been labeled the iCON Wall Solution. The San Diego-based company’s plan would morph the barrier between America and Mexico into a “piece of art” with either side of the wall adorned with both artifacts and stones.

DarkPulse Technologies, an Arizona based company who placed a bid for the border wall job, has reportedly proposed using ballistic concrete on the project. The essentially bombproof material is capable of withstanding a round fired from a tank. The design would also reportedly be able to immediately detect a breach of the wall or intrusion via a fiber cable buried underground.

A solar panel system mounted on top of the border wall has reportedly been proposed by the Gleason Partners contracting firm. The system would generate an enormous amount of electricity and serve as an additional barrier, the Sun reports.

The winning border wall bidder or bidders must also reportedly submit a comprehensive security plan to implement during the construction phase of the project. The plan must detail evacuation routines, “fall back positions,” a mustering area, precise number of security personnel who will be on patrol and their full qualifications, and the number of emergency medical staffers who will also be present at the building site. Contractors have also reportedly been required to detail any experience they have had building “high-profile, high-visibility and politically contentious” projects.

What do you think about the border wall design bids presented for President Trump to review?

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