Prison Break Season 5 shockers: Michael Scofiled Is Alive!

‘Prison Break’ Revival Shockers: Michael’s Alive, Sara’s Remarried And More

Prison Break has officially returned to Fox. The action/drama television show that captivated fans for four seasons has returned in a new revival, and the premiere episode revealed some shocking details about what the characters have been up to over the past seven years.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Prison Break Season 5 premiere didn’t waste any time diving right into the action and adventure. The show opens with the character everyone loves to hate, Thomas Bagwell, aka T-Bag. T-Bag has seen his last day at Fox River Penitentiary and is finally being released from the prison. However, just when he thinks he’s earned his freedom, he receives a cryptic message that will have his life turned upside down yet again. T-Bag opens his final piece of prison correspondence to find a photo of Michael Scofield, whom everyone has thought dead for the past seven years, and a coded message.

Of course, T-Bag heads over to share the interesting information with Michael’s brother, Lincoln Burrows, who is living back in Chicago and has gone back to his old criminal ways. Prison Break fans see Lincoln running from men whom he owes money to. It seems that Lincoln couldn’t stay on the straight and narrow without Michael there to light the path for him. When Lincoln returns home, he finds T-Bag there.

Prison Break revival: Lincoln tells Sara that Michael is alive.

Lincoln decides he needs to share the information that T-Bag gave him with Michael’s widow, Sara, and heads to New York to find her. Sara now has a new husband, Jacob, and the two are raising Michael’s son together. The boy is delighted to see his uncle, but Sara worries about what Lincoln will do with the information he’s been given. Sara tells her former brother-in-law that she doesn’t believe Michael is alive, and he goes off to do some digging, literally.

Lincoln knows the only way to know if Michael is dead or alive is to dig up his grave. Prison Break viewers watched as Burrows digs six feet under to find the suit Michael was supposed to be buried in, but no body. As Lincoln starts to piece together the information he has, he realizes that Michael may be in a prison in the country of Yemen. Just as it seems he’s beginning to figure out the clues Michael has left for him, unknown assailants try to kill him. Lincoln escapes and calls Sara to warn her just as the mystery group head to her home. Sara rushes to protect her son while her husband, Jacob, is shot in the leg. Luckily, the police arrive to scare off the intruder.

Meanwhile, Lincoln seeks out his old friend, C-Note, who is now deep into the Muslim faith. C-Note tells Lincoln that he can not go to Yemen to look for Michael alone because the country is in the middle of a civil war, and he doesn’t speak Arabic. Lincoln tells his former friend that he’ll stop at nothing to get his brother back. Later, C-Note decides to accompany Lincoln on the trip. Sucre also shows up, but Lincoln tells him that there will be a time that he’ll need him and that he wants him to stay behind.

Prison Break Season 5: Michael and Lincoln meet.

Prison Break fans watch as Lincoln and C-Note are met with trouble in Yemen, but finally get a meeting with Michael, who is now going by the name Kaniel Outis. Kaniel is said to be one of the biggest terrorists in the country. When Michael and Lincoln are finally face to face, Lincoln sees that Michael now has a whole new set of cryptic tattoos. The exchange doesn’t go well, however. Michael looks at his brother with blank eyes, reveals his name isn’t Michael, and that he has no idea who Lincoln is. Lincoln calls after his brother, but it’s too late.

So now we know that Michael is alive, and not much else. It appears that he’s trying to send Lincoln signs without giving away his true identity, but the story is only beginning to unfold.

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