Thousands are waiting for April the Pregnant Giraffe and Oliver to have their baby.

April The Pregnant Giraffe And Boyfriend Oliver On YouTube Live Cam Inspire Love Song Amid Baby Watch

As thousands watch April the pregnant giraffe on the YouTube live cam, her boyfriend Oliver doesn’t seem perturbed by the fact that his giraffe girlfriend is getting almost all of the spotlight amid baby watch. Now, however, a songwriter has been so inspired by April, Oliver, and their soon-to-be-born baby that he’s penned a love song about the long-necked family.

Ricky Reilly, a singer-songwriter from New Hampshire, has shared his love song about pregnant April as the giraffe and her boyfriend Oliver await the arrival of their baby at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York, reported CBS New York.

April the pregnant giraffe will soon have her baby.
April the pregnant giraffe will soon have her baby. [Image by Michael Probst/AP Images]

“I had been posting a ton of music and a woman named Nancy Parry (who) had been following April said, ‘You should write a song about the giraffe,'” explained Reilly.

The songwriter-singer admitted that like others intently watching the YouTube live cam, he kept thinking that April would give birth soon, and so hesitated to spend time penning a love song about the pregnancy.

“Initially I thought, ‘Nah, that giraffe is going to give birth any minute.'”

Reilly also revealed that his fiance is among those fans who have “been following [the pregnant animal] for so long” on the YouTube live cam. But when he was taking a shower, he felt inspired to take a chance and write about the birth.

“The first verse and chorus just came to me,” he recalled. “I grabbed my guitar when I got out of the shower and finished the song.”

Reilly’s song is entitled “I’m Going Crazy Waiting (For A Giraffe),” and the verses range from trying to persuade the baby to emerge into the world to commiserating with the soon-to-be giraffe parents.

“Little tiny baby giraffe
Look at all of the friends that you have
There’s no reason to be scared
So won’t you pop on out of there.”

The song goes on to plead with the baby to “put an end to my endless waiting,” pointing out that the as-yet-unnamed infant is causing his giraffe mommy and daddy to wait too long, along with all those fans staring at the YouTube live cam.

“Little tiny baby giraffe
you’re making April and Oliver
Wait far too long young lad…”

April the Giraffe has earned attention ever since the live cam began in February 2017, with conspiracy theories surrounding her prior to and on April Fool’s Day. The animal now even has text alerts for those on baby watch along with merchandise through the park’s website, along with the live cam on YouTube.

As for giraffe baby daddy Oliver? Some of those watching the YouTube live cam stream and hoping to see the birth recently were treated to the sight of Oliver necking with his baby mommy, reported NBC New York.

The lovebirds were allowed to spend time in the same pen, and five-year-old Oliver devoted himself to necking while zookeepers arranged new enrichment items in Oliver’s habitat. As for precisely when the soon-to-be parents can welcome their baby, the vet caring for her explained that it’s challenging to be exact.

“Unlike a dog, cat, human, horse, cow, goat, etc., there simply isn’t enough consistent data to say, ‘Tomorrow she’ll go into labor.'”

When it comes to the romance that led up to the now-famous pregnancy, Animal Adventure Park revealed the details of how Oliver sparked a love story, reported NBC New York.

A mother and baby giraffe nuzzle.
A mother and baby giraffe nuzzle. [Image by Nick Ut/AP Images]

Oliver has fallen in love with an older woman. While he’s not even in his teens, soon after he met April, young Oliver became enamored. At 15, his girlfriend qualifies for a giraffe version of Teen Mom. In addition, she has experience as a parent, having already given birth to three calves involving at least one other giraffe (sorry, Oliver).

In contrast, Oliver will be experiencing his first time at fatherhood. Oliver’s love story began when he was only a three-year-old bull “coming of age,” revealed the Animal Adventure Park. But even though April was 13 at the time, Oliver knew she was right for him.

“The park thought it had only one cougar (LuLu), until April arrived,” joked the zoo about the dramatic age difference.

Despite his young age, Oliver has shown maturity throughout his girlfriend’s pregnancy. He has nuzzled her and even supported her when the live cam was temporarily removed from YouTube when activists alleged that Oliver’s baby mommy went against the platform’s “nudity and sexual content” policies.

At one point, however, Oliver wanted to “rough house” with his girlfriend, and they had to be separated, revealed the zoo. Such “bullish behavior” is common for male giraffes during the final stages of pregnancy, explained the vets.

[Featured Image by Nick Ut/AP Images]