Jax and Carly on General Hospital

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Makes Trouble For Jax In Revenge Over Carly

General Hospital spoilers for the next few weeks show Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is hit by one piece of bad news after another then decides to try and punish Jasper Jax (Ingo Rademacher). Incidents pile up in coming days that lead Sonny to go after Jax like he’s never done before. This could be the most explosive Sonny versus Jax showdown ever!

The Truth Sets Jax Free

On Wednesday, April 5, Jax finally tells Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) that everything that has gone wrong in her life is his fault. Jax holds nothing back, according to General Hospital spoilers from Soap She Knows. The following day, spoilers hint Sonny will also learn what Jax did, and he won’t like it at all. Carly, too, will be reeling from information overload.

However, when all is said and done, Carly knows Jax never meant to hurt her and was trying to buy peace of mind for Carly when he bought a kidney from Nelle Hayes’ (Chloe Lanier) awful father. On Friday, April 7, General Hospital spoilers say Carly finds a path to forgiveness with Jax. Carly knows Jax had only the best intentions for her and Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) despite lying for so long.

General Hospital spoilers say Jax also offers a mea culpa to Nelle as this week ends and next week begins on Monday, April 10. Jax definitely owes Nelle the biggest apology he can muster. Jax stole too much from Nelle including some of her childhood, her good health for the rest of her life, and set her on a revenge gambit against Carly that ruined her chance at a happy life in Port Charles.

Nelle Offers Truth In Return

According to General Hospital spoilers for Monday, April 10, Nelle goes to see a surprised Sonny and tells him she drugged him and set him up. Sonny is understandably angry that Nelle faked their night of passion but more relieved that he didn’t cheat on Carly. The General Hospital spoilers also say Jax and Carly pick up where they left off last time he was in town.

Other General Hospital spoilers promise Sonny worries Jax and Carly hooked up and Nelle came too late to offer him the truth. Jax and Sonny have been rivals for Carly’s heart for years. When Sonny figures out Carly and Jax are an item again, he’s ready to explode. By Friday, April 14, General Hospital spoilers promise Sonny is overwhelmed with emotions including love, loss, and anger.

And by Monday, April 17, other General Hospital spoilers predict Sonny can’t take it anymore and goes to confront Jax about everything. Jax is calm by then because he’s come clean to the people he thinks he hurt and that he sees deserved an apology from him. Too bad Jax doesn’t see Sonny as one of his victims — he just thinks Sonny was doing what he always does — cheating and lying.

Sonny Comes After Jax

Even though we know from recent General Hospital episodes that Sonny practically pushed Carly out of his life by pushing her away with a ridiculous ultimatum that she forgive him on his timeline, he wants to point the finger at Jax. Things get tense when Sonny confronts Jax, but when he doesn’t get the satisfaction he wants, Sonny plots further revenge.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday, April 21, promise Sonny decides it’s his mission to cause problems for Jax. Sonny could publicize Jax’s purchase of a black-market kidney and try to ruin his reputation. Sonny could even go to the cops and report him. It sounds like Sonny will be blinded by rage over losing Carly, and there’s no telling what he’ll do to get back at Jax as he blames him for his life crumbling around him.

The next three weeks look exciting as we see what happens with these General Hospital spoilers.

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