'iZombie' Season 3 Premiere

‘iZombie’ Season 3 Premiere: Team Z Expands As The Crew Get New Mysteries To Solve [Spoilers]

The iZombie Season 3 premiere has unveiled some major revelations as Clive Babineaux further discovers more about the zombie citizens that surrounds him and the dangers that the evil ones pose.

iZombie‘s year-long hiatus has made it impossible not to miss The CW’s resident brain-munching medical examiner Olivia “Liv” Moore after she finally revealed her true identity to her detective friend and partner.

According to Screen Rant, iZombie’s Season 2 finale practically changed Clive’s perspective of the world especially after Liv tells him about the undead problem in Seattle in hopes to reel him in and gain his assistance to battle the growing population of the “Super Max” zombies.

For those who are new to the iZombie world, Super Max zombies are the ones who cannot be reasoned with in contrast to the likes of Liv who can function like a normal person albeit overtly different especially regarding the paleness of her skin. These kinds of zombies are described to be the “more typical” ones—much like what we see in every single zombie apocalypse-themed movie—and are made from people who consume tainted utopium with the Super Max energy drink.

In the iZombie Season 3 premiere, every detail revealed to Clive has been decompressed as he joins Liv and her friend-slash-ex-boyfriend in a quest to determine what private military contractor Vivian Stoll is planning to do with an army of zombies.

In the episode, Vivian tells Liv about her plans to establish a home base in Seattle to provide their kind the freedom to live openly without being afraid of getting hunted and slaughtered by humans. However, while the plan seems harmless on the surface, Liv digs deeper into what may be an evil plot to take over Seattle.

After learning about Liv’s true identity, Clive will also soon find out that Team Z may have more zombies in it that he first guessed. Based on a recap of the iZombie Season 3 premiere from TV Line, Clive and the rest of Team Z stumbled upon an unexpected twist: finding out that Wally is also a zombie.

Speaking to Malcolm Goodwin, the actor that plays Clive, TV Line revealed that Wally is someone very dear to the detective’s heart. Goodwin revealed that fans would “get to see how he met Wally and Anna, how he became so close with them” in the next week’s episode of iZombie.

“Clive was pretty much like a father figure to Wally. There was potential for that relationship and that family environment becoming a permanent thing, but something stops it, and you get to see exactly what prevented that from happening.”

Going back to the iZombie Season 3 premiere directed by Dan Etheridge and penned by showrunner Rob Thomas, Screen Rant reviewed it as “a typical season premiere” that follows up revelations from the previous season’s finale as well as “necessary exposition” for the explosive reveals that have been dropped.

But while that may be something good for the show, the outlet believes that The CW and showrunners should consider providing fans with ample time while showing some slight drama to cope with the change in the main antagonist for the show and process the events of the Season 2 finale before diving into a whole new set of mysteries to solve in the iZombie Season 3 premiere.

iZombie is an American TV show from The CW based on a DC comic book series with the same title. It revolves around Liv who unwittingly became a zombie while attending a boat party.

After learning how hunger for brains can turn her into a stereotypical zombie, she then enlists as a medical examiner at the King County morgue, where she secretly eat the brains of the corpses sent to her for autopsy. That’s where she discovered her special ability: inheriting some of the personality traits of the person whose brain she eats and recalls their memories when they were still alive.

Using this ability, Liv now poses as a psychic to help detective Clive Babineaux solve crimes by providing clues from the occurring flashbacks after eating the victim’s brain.

Stay tuned for more updates on the iZombie Season 3 premiere and upcoming episodes.

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