WWE rumors and spoilers for Payback 2017 matches leaked

WWE Rumors & Spoilers: ‘Payback’ 2017 Matches Leaked For Next WWE ‘Raw’ Brand Pay-Per-View

In the latest WWE rumors and spoilers floating around, fans are getting an early glimpse of the WWE Payback 2017 match card. The next pay-per-view will be another Monday Night Raw brand exclusive. On the latest episode of Raw this past week, viewers already saw a few of the matches either announced or teased during the show in Orlando, Florida. So what can professional wrestling fans expect to see when Payback rolls around later this month on the WWE Network?

As the Heavy website reported recently, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter recently gave his comments on what the match card should look like for the upcoming pay-per-view. One match was sort of announced on Raw as Chris Jericho indicated he was going to get another shot at getting revenge on Kevin Owens. When Jericho was discussing his intentions backstage in an interview with Charley Caruso, he was viciously attacked by Owens and Samoa Joe. That led to Jericho being injured on Raw and unable to compete as Seth Rollins’ tag team partner in the main event match.

Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens at Payback 2017
With Finn Balor’s return on Raw and Chris Jericho being taken out by Kevin Owens, it sets up a potential match with The Demon vs. the US Champion at Payback. [Image by WWE]

Later on, Rollins headed to the ring to face the team of Joe and Owens. After several moments, his tag team partner was the returning Finn Balor. Months ago, Rollins was the one who injured Balor during their SummerSlam 2016 match where Balor won the Universal Championship. However, they put their differences aside and managed to claim a huge win over the heel team on Monday Night Raw.

With that in mind, Meltzer is speculating that it will be Rollins getting a shot at Samoa Joe for the WWE Payback event later this month. Keep in mind that Joe was responsible for injuring Rollins when he attacked him for Triple H weeks ago ahead of WrestleMania 33. In addition, it’s rumored that Jericho won’t be having his rematch for the United States Championship at the next pay-per-view since he’s taking time away from WWE to tour with his band. So that means Finn Balor is likely to get the spot against Owens to challenge for the United States title.

Also on the card, an interesting match is being speculated to determine the new No. 1 contender for the WWE Universal Championship. Brock Lesnar is the brand new champion after defeating Goldberg at WrestleMania. Brock’s advocate Paul Heyman suggested on Raw that maybe Lesnar and Roman Reigns need to settle which of them is the best since they are the only two superstars to have defeated The Undertaker at Mania during his career. Braun Strowman decided to come to the ring to let Brock know he was interested in that championship belt he has and after he deserves Reigns he’ll be coming for it.

So with that said, it’s possible that Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman will compete at Payback to determine who should challenge Lesnar. That match should be interesting for sure as the fans were all over Reigns like he was a heel on this past week’s edition of Raw and seemed to like the fact that Braun said he’s going to destroy Roman. It could be one of those rare occasions when fans are basically booing the good guy and cheering the monster heel at a pay-per-view. It also seems like the pay-per-view won’t have Brock defending his title there based on this scenario.

The Hardy Boyz are WWE Raw tag team champions
The Hardy Boyz are likely to defend their WWE Raw tag team titles at Payback against Sheamus and Cesaro. [Image by WWE]

On Monday’s Raw, The Hardy Boyz defended their newly won WWE Raw Tag Team titles against former champions Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Matt and Jeff were victorious to retain their titles much to the fans’ delight. Later in the show, Enzo Amore and Big Cass took on Sheamus and Cesaro with the winning team becoming new No. 1 contenders for the tag titles. Sheamus and Cesaro grabbed the win, so it seems likely they’re taking on The Hardy Boyz at Payback in several weeks from now.

That gives at least four matches so far based on what was seen on Raw in terms of title pictures and feuds. On Tuesday’s 205 Live results on the WWE Network, it was reported by WrestleZone that Austin Aries won a Fatal Fourway to become No. 1 contender again for Neville’s Cruiserweight title. It’s possible that Aries gets his shot on Raw or 205 Live or that WWE saves this for the upcoming pay-per-view.

In addition to that, one has to think Bayley will be defending the WWE Raw Women’s title again. Based on the teased irritated look that Sasha shot Bayley after their tag team match win on Monday, or Nia Jax’s eruption against Charlotte, it could be either of them or both women’s stars getting the title shot. Based on the fact that there was a Fatal Fourway at Mania, WWE may simply decide for a good old fashioned one-on-one title match at the next PPV.

Keep in mind that the big “superstar shakeup” is coming next week so the rosters of both Raw and SmackDown could switch up significantly and cause different matches on the upcoming PPV card. WWE’s Payback event takes place on Sunday, April 30, 2017, from San Jose, California’s SAP Center.

WWE fans, what other matches do you think should take place at the WWE Payback 2017 pay-per-view later this month?

[Featured Image by WWE]