‘Destiny’ Guide: Vault Of Glass Changes And Challenges For Age Of Triumph

Vault of Glass has now made an appearance in the Destiny: Age of Triumph Featured Raid playlist. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers seeking to find out what Bungie has tweaked and what challenges have been added will want to read the guide below.

The Vault of Glass was the first raid ever introduced in Destiny and possibly still remains the best. Bungie didn’t have to change much but did make alterations to the length of a couple of encounters.

Overall, don’t expect changes to the opening of Vault of Glass, the jumping puzzle, or the Gorgon Maze. All the existing loot chests are still in the same spot as well a new seventh chest.

New Loot Chest

After players open the Vault of Glass and open the first loot chest, fall off the side of the cliff to take the alternate route to the Templar’s Well. Datto Does Destiny has a video showing the alternate route and the loot chest.

Conflux and Oracle Changes

A Hunter tries to survive in the Destiny Vault of Glass raid.
[Image by Bungie / Activision]

Bungie took steps to shorten both the Conflux and Oracle steps leading into the Templar boss fight. That doesn’t mean they are necessarily easier, however.

The Conflux encounter remains the same, but the time needed to protect the Confluxes has been shortened. Additionally, Harpies and exploding Supplicants have been added to the mix during the parts where Vex Fanatics come pouring out.

Meanwhile, the Oracle section sees less waves but spawns nine Oracles to destroy on the first wave, seven Oracles on the second and third, plus nine once again during the fourth and final wave.

The entire Templar’s Well arena sees some tweaks as well. A Destiny fireteam will no longer be able to send one player into the arena while the rest of the team waits on the cliff entrance. As soon as one player enters, a countdown begins to teleport in the rest of the team.

Additionally, Bungie has put up some barriers around the edges of the arena to prevent players from camping on outcroppings and even on one of the taller pillars. You’ll get a warning message to turn back when you enter those areas.

Templar Boss Changes

Just a slight change for the better when fighting the Templar. Missing an Oracle will no longer make mark players and make them wait for death. It is now an instant kill.

Templar Challenge

Block the Templar from teleporting to complete this Vault of Glass challenge in Destiny.
[Image by Bungie / Activision]

The Templar Challenge is straightforward, but difficult. Players must keep the boss from teleporting. It is a failure if it teleports just once.

There are two spots in the arena where the Templar will teleport, front left and front right. The fireteam should split between the two to guard each instance. A ring will form around the spot where the Templar is getting ready to teleport. Standing in the ring will prevent a teleport, which will cause it to disappear after a few seconds and switch to the other spot.

The danger comes from the Minotaurs and Harpies which will swarm the arena plus the Templar firing on the Guardian standing in the teleport spot. A Titan’s Ward of Dawn bubble or the shield used by the Relic holder will provide the necessary protection, but the fireteam should be shooting the boss at every available opportunity to end this encounter quickly.

Gatekeeper Changes

Bungie made an interesting addition to the Gatekeeper section before the Atheon fight. Killing the Gatekeeper drops a Relic. This gives a Destiny fireteam an extra Relic to use through this encounter when they run through the gates to Mars and Venus. It mostly appears to be just an extra form of protection to help players through.

Atheon Changes

There are no major changes with Atheon either. The only difference is there are now six Oracles to destroy on Mars or Venus when players are teleported. This appears to have been done solely for the challenge mode.

Atheon Challenge

Everyone has to destroy an Oracle to complete the Vault of Glass Atheon challenge in Destiny.
[Image by Bungie / Activision]

This challenge will require some teamwork as it is quite possibly the most difficult one in Destiny raids to date. The Atheon challenge requires every player to kill one Oracle during the Oracle phase of the fight. Obviously, this is a problem as half the fireteam will be teleported to Mars or Venus with the Oracles while the rest of the fireteam is in the starting area.

The fireteam will need to rotate players in and out through the gate so they can all get one Oracle kill. At the same time, players will need to rotate onto the plate holding the gate to Mars or Venus open.

Those that teleport in should target the three Oracles closest to their teleport spot. The three members that rotate in through the gate should target the three Oracles closest to the gate.

This will require communication and being aware of who has killed Oracles. Having a Raid primary weapon with bonus damage to Oracles will also help greatly.

Challenge Loot Rewards

The Vision of Confluence Exotic Adept Scout Rifle earned from the Destiny Vault of Glass raid challenges.
[Image by Bungie / Activison]

Successfully completing each Vault of Glass Challenge will reward players with one of the new Exotic versions of Fatebringer, Atheon’s Epilogue, Praedyth’s Timepiece, and Vision of Confluence. The primary weapons earned are “Adept” edition that comes with an elemental burn like they did in Year One.

There is also new Vex-themed Age of Triumph Ornaments, which can be applied to Raid armor. Players will receive Raid armor up to 400 Light when completing the 390 Light level Crota’s End Raid whether they complete the challenge or not.

Note that the Vault of Glass Raid can be run multiple times for rewards while it is Destiny‘s Featured Raid of the Week.

[Featured Image by Bungie/Activision]

[H/T to DattoDoesDestiny, Mesa Sean, Reddit user RegisterVexOffender]