Are Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx dating?

If Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Are Really Dating, Why All The Secrecy?

A lucky Instagram user that goes by the handle of fameolousent_ snapped a picture of rumored couple Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx taking a casual meal together on April 3, 2017. It’s the first time the pair have been snapped together since rumors of their dating started four years ago.

Look who I spotted on a date night ???????? @katieholmes212 @iamjamiefoxx I always heard rumors about them but never seen pictures of them until today???? #fameolousexclusive

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Despite the United States Navy peacoat emblazoned with the shoulder patch of a Petty Officer 2nd Class, the white trilby hat and sunglasses give Jamie Foxx away. Especially considering the Instagram photo he shared just a couple of hours later wearing the same hat and glasses.

#jetluxlife✈️ #globalexpress…back in Budapest #moviegrind #hood #babydriver June 28th #backonmyfunnyshit

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Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes’ Romantic Beginnings

The first hint of the pair being romantically linked came in 2013 when the pair were filmed together on the dance floor in the Hamptons. Jamie Foxx was performing at a charity event, and Katie was seen dancing close by on stage.

Since then, they’ve been careful to avoid being overt about their relationship. After all, Jamie is good friends with Tom Cruise; the pair met when they worked together on Collateral in 2004. Considering the pull that Tom still has in Hollywood, alienating a fellow A-lister isn’t a good move.

There are reports that Katie Holmes is under a divorce agreement not to date publicly for five years
Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise have been friends since working together on ‘Collateral’ in 2004. [Image by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images]

That doesn’t mean they haven’t spent time together or been spotted together. Jamie and Katie were spotted traveling to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico in December of 2016 for Katie’s 38th birthday.

They were also spotted together over the New Year’s holiday together. Onlookers saw them at an exclusive members-only club in a New York hotel. They were also spotted casually walking around near the pool while holding hands.

Why All the Secrecy?

According to multiple interviews, the pair is being discreet to spare the feelings of Katie Holmes’ ex-husband, Tom Cruise. He was said to be completely blindsided by Katie filing for divorce and seeking custody of their daughter, Suri.

However, according to a report on Radar Online, a source claims that there is a clause in the Holmes-Cruise divorce papers that could explain why Jamie and Katie are getting more comfortable being linked together in the media.

The divorce was granted quickly, with Tom Cruise agreeing to not impede the proceedings. However, the clause prohibits her from embarrassing her ex-husband. This means that Katie Holmes is prevented from talking about Scientology or Tom publicly. She is also not able to date publicly for five years after the divorce. According to the report, she can date, but she isn’t supposed to allow Suri to meet any boyfriends either until the time was up.

Are Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx dating?
Katie Holmes continues to be linked romantically to Jamie Foxx. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Katie Holmes wanted the divorce over quickly, so agreed to the terms. The settlement also came with $4.8 million in child support and $5 million as a lump sum alimony payment. Considering Tom Cruise’s net worth is estimated at about $470 million, the nearly $10 million settlement just shows how eager Katie was to get out of the marriage.

This explains why Katie dodges questions about her dating life in interviews and is so adamant about maintaining privacy. Consider her most recent interview with Town & Country on February 28, 2017. Katie smoothly sidestepped any mention of her personal dating life or speaking about Tom and told the magazine about her focus on Suri.

“My child is the most important person to me, and her upbringing is paramount to my work right now. It’s very important that I’m present and she has a stable, innocent childhood. I feel so blessed to do what I do, but there’s nothing in the world better than watching your child succeed. Every day, kids get a little further away from you. That’s a positive thing. They should be becoming more independent, but it’s heartbreaking. You want them to stay with you forever, but they’re these amazing beings, and you have to do everything you can to give them what they need—and then they’re going to go. And that’s going to be very, very sad for me.”

For his part, Jamie Foxx also denies any romantic connection with Katie, telling reporters who ask that there is nothing there.

Katie Holmes is continuing to be romantically linked to Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx is shown in Paris wearing the off-white Trilby from the recent photo. [Image by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images]

The divorce was granted on August 12, 2012, so if there is any credibility to the 5-year clause, that means that Katie and Jamie will be free to go public with any relationship in late summer.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]