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Pamela Anderson, 49, Shows Off Famous Curves In Coco De Mer Campaign

Pamela Anderson wants to prove that she’s got it after all these years. The blonde bombshell stripped down for a new photo shoot for Coco de Mer’s ad campaign, published on the People magazine website on Tuesday, April 4. It’s been a while since Pamela has been seen in that iconic red one-piece swimsuit, but it’s obvious that the actress still has her famous curves.

This is what 49 looks like. Pamela Anderson still has her Baywatch body, but she told People that she doesn’t follow a strict workout regimen like most actresses do. Anderson said she does like to frolic on the beach – just not in front of the cameras. She also has taken ballet classes and hardly hits the gym.

“I don’t work out much,” Anderson admitted. “I walk on the beach, and I love the feeling after a long walk or a walk through a museum. I’ve always stretched and moved my body with resistance. I like dancing – I was taking ballet in Paris – but I’m double jointed and need to keep my strength. I’m more flexible than strong.”

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The racy photos on People show Pamela wearing a lace bodysuit and a black bra with matching high-waisted underwear. Though she looks incredible, she admits that she hates intense workouts. There is only one way that Pamela will work out in the gym and that is with a good book.

“I was in a beautiful hotel with a tiny gym, and I did try the elliptical a few times,” she said. “I read on it – I’m reading Napoleon and Josephine in French right now. It’s a little boring to be in the gym unless I’m reading.”

She also admits that she’s been vegetarian ever since she was younger. Her diet includes fresh fruits and vegetables, French bread, hummus, pita bread, decaf cappuccinos, and rosé.

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“I think being vegetarian has kept me young,” Anderson said. “I am healthy and work hard at that. I’m drinking too much rosé! I could lose a few lbs.!”

These sex photos come two months after Anderson’s racy sex toy commercial. In the too-hot-for-TV commercial for a British luxury sex toy and lingerie boutique shop, Anderson is seen frolicking in bed with herself. She locks the door, lights the candles, and plays a vinyl record before reaching for her sex toy and heading into the bedroom.

She’s heard moaning before the commercial says, “F*** Valentine’s Day.” Pamela spoke to Refinery29 about body confidence and how she keeps it sexy. Click here to view the video of Pamela’s new ad. (Warning: the ad may not be appropriate for all viewers.)

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“I don’t know if it’s confidence, maybe it’s trust that I’m in the place I’m meant to be, and I’m free,” she said. “It’s like playing a character for me. We must be brave to have fun, to get that thrill.”

“I’m fairly comfortable in my skin,” Anderson admitted. “I love being a woman, soft, feminine, open. I do the best I can. I like to change the way I look. I feel much more in control these days. I rely less on what others tell me. No matter what we look like, sexy comes from within.”

Anderson taught herself body acceptance by learning to love herself. She learned to enjoy life without any judgment. Anderson also revealed her favorite part of filming this naughty ad. She says that self-exploration is important for every man and woman.

“I love Coco de Mer! We share the same humor, desire and aesthetic. I love the lingerie – I feel alive in lingerie. I have been blessed with a wildly erotic and naughty mind. The idea of the film was so funny to me. Funny is what made me want to do it.”

Another reason that has kept Pamela feeling happy and sexy is her reported relationship with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. In her interview with People, she revealed that she has a lot of “love” for him.

“Julian is one of my favorite people,” she added. “He’s a gentleman, he is extremely smart, resilient. Julian is trying to free the world by educating it. It is a romantic struggle – I love him for this.”

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