Cellulite A Myth? Ashley Black's Amazon Bestseller Book: 'Fascia Blaster' Away Fat, Cellulite, Pain, Wrinkles

Cellulite A Myth? Ashley Black’s Amazon Bestseller Book: ‘Fascia Blaster’ Away Fat, Cellulite, Pain, Wrinkles

Ashley Black is well known to members of her huge Facebook women-only closed group who have followed the guru for years. Black teaches people to alleviate pain and get rid of fat and cellulite by stretching their fascia. As reported by the Inquisitr, fascia was a hot topic back in February 2016, and it has only grown hotter. Back then, the hashtag #fascia had 35,906 posts on Instagram, and now it has 74,005.

Black developed her own “Fascia Blaster” tool when she was trying to heal herself of pain and different ailments. Ashley noted how different the firm fascia tools she created were from the foam rolling craze, and as consumers began to try them, the demand for her FasciaBlaster tools created such a fervor that they were often sold out or on back-order.

Ashley compared foam rolling to trying to brush knots out of hair with the back of the brush. Instead, her fascia tools are like turning the brush around and using the bristles to correctly brush out the knots, or fascial adhesions and other “knots” that can cause people pain, the appearance of cellulite, or other “bound” conditions. As seen in the below Today show video, Black spoke about healing her own fascia, and others sang her praises for how much it has helped them.

In Ashley’s Fascia Blasters Facebook group, there are currently more than 217,000 members that share before-and-after photos and tips surrounding their fascia blasting success. On Black’s YouTube channel, there are 35,406 subscribers right now and her videos have gotten 9,070,070 views and counting.

With Black’s appearance on Today, wherein Al Roker interviewed a musician who lessened her pain by using the FasciaBlaster to stretch the connective tissue in her body, more interest surrounding fascia is growing. NBC News medical contributor Dr. Natalie Azar gave a demonstration of the FasciaBlaster, and spoke about how much stretching the fascia in various parts of the body can help to alleviate chronic pain.

With so many followers purchasing Black’s FasciaBlaster tools, it’s no wonder that when Ashley published the book called The Cellulite Myth: It’s Not Fat, It’s Fascia, on February 7, the book hit Amazon’s bestseller lists.

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Folks were intrigued with the concept that their cellulite might not actually be cellulite that could be dieted away or worked off through exercise. Plenty of women testified to the things Ashley talked about in her down-to-Earth YouTube videos: namely, that something called “skinny fat” exists. That’s when a woman might find that exercising like crazy and eating right might help her hit her target weight-loss goals, only to find that dimples and ripples and ridges and pockets of fat still appeared on the backs of her thighs or on her stomach and arms or other areas.

Ladies, you don't have to put up with fascia distortions aka "cellulite," nor body fat! The FasciaBlaster can smooth your skin out while spot reducing fat!✨???? The name of the game in #beauty is a contoured body and great skin. The #FasciaBlaster® lessens the look of #cellulite by scrubbing away at the distorted fascial adhesions that are pulling down on the skin and creating the look of the dimples and dents we call “cellulite”. Layers of fascia (aka #ConnectiveTissue) run throughout our entire bodies, and when #fascia gets tight or adhered from injuries, overuse and our daily lives, it forms a grid just below the skin. Any #fat pushing up through the fascia will look like a marshmallow pushing through a chain link fence and create the dents and dimples we all abhor. By scrubbing away at and smoothing out the fascial distortions and adhesions with the FasciaBlaster, you’ll allow the fat and skin to lay flat and smooth, which lessons the look of cellulite! No matter your age, body fat, #fitness level, skin type or situation, the FasciaBlaster® WORKS for EVERYONE!!! Restoring #healthy fascia has a host of other benefits, including improving blood flow, nerve activity, #muscle performance/recovery/access/definition, reducing #pain and inflammation, and making the skin looks more youthful and vibrant. The FasciaBlaster® is the ONLY self-treatment product on the market to address the connective tissue (fascia), despite all the research that proves that fascia is the cause of cellulite. This technology is one of a kind and it really works! . ➡ Read more about the FasciaBlaster® on: AshleyBlackGuru.com/cellulite . . . . #AshleyBlackGuru #AshleyBlackFasciology #Fasciology #GetBlasted #Fascia #Cellulite

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Once fascia-blasting adherents began using the FasciaBlaster tools, they began following the how-to videos like the one below from Ashley, which shows that fascia stretching can even be done on the face to help bring a healthy blood flow to the visage. Using a “light layer,” or a light scrubbing touch, Ashley demonstrated how to bring more blood to the face, explaining that the more blood you have coming to the face, the less swelling and inflammation you may experience. It can also makes your skin look really nice, Ashley claims, and she demonstrates how to use the technique to wake yourself up and get rid of puffiness.

The buzz about fascia blasting doesn’t seem to be dying down, with massage therapists using the popular massage tools as holistic treatment for pain, as reported by the Daily Local News.

Refinery 29 examined the fascia blasting craze as well.

With Harper’s Bazaar explaining that one session of fascia stretch therapy at Nimbus & Co. costs $150, it’s no wonder people are buying the tools for themselves and doing their own sessions to help stretch their fascia and use them to reduce fat nodules, wrinkles on the face, and cellulite.

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