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Bernie Sanders Hasn’t Ruled Out Running For President In 2020

Bernie Sanders has been in politics for most of his life, but he really gained the spotlight throughout 2015 and 2016 when he campaigned for president. After one of the most historical bids for the White House, Sanders stepped aside and endorsed Hillary Clinton as the DNC’s primary candidate. Despite losing the campaign, Sanders emerged as the most popular politician in America, as reported by an earlier Inquisitr article.

Many Bernie Sanders supporters and political observers cited the DNC as responsible for Sanders’ loss of the 2016 election, going so far as to say the party rigged the primary in favor of Clinton, as reported by the Observer. It’s hard to consider Bernie Sanders’ bid for the White House a failure, as he’s now a household name and has gained an unwavering collective of supporters. Right after Sanders stepped down from the race, his backers were whispering of a second run in 2020.

Those that would vote for Bernie Sanders in another election can rejoice; he may scramble for a 2020 campaign after all.

According to the Boston Magazine, Sanders declined to comment on the idea of running for president in 2020.

“Too often, the media gets involved in what I call political gossip. The issue of today, in my view, is to try to address some of the concerns that I raised about the collapsing middle class, massive levels of income inequality, being the only major country not to guarantee healthcare to all people—that’s what we focus on. We do our work. And when election time comes around, things happen. People decide to run.”

His answer was in reference to Our Revolution, Bernie Sanders’ latest publication. Sanders made sure to highlight the pitfalls of the mainstream media. As reported in an earlier Inquisitr article, Sanders’ first presidential campaign was bogged down with fake news stories and fabricated, click-bait reporting. Standing in opposition of Donald Trump, supporters of both Clinton and Sanders were caught in a crossfire of slander via fake link sharing, something that Trump continues to practice via his Twitter account.

Boston Magazine also reported Sanders’ position on Elizabeth Warren, who Sanders has been working with closely since the end of the election. Throughout the 2016 running, Warren remained neutral until finally coming out in favor of Clinton. Despite not securing her endorsement for president, Bernie Sanders plans on working side-by-side with Warren, which could be a clue as to what voters can expect in 2020.

Sanders and Warren are cheered at a rally
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“And later, actually, Elizabeth and I are going to do an event together, and I’m going to do everything I can to make sure she’s reelected to the United States Senate.”

After being burned by the DNC, mainstream voters, and the media, the question remains: If Sanders were to run for president in 2020, would he reattempt the Democratic ballot or craft a whole new political party to avoid having to trust the DNC? Many Sanders supporters have been calling for a “grassroots” party since he first stepped into the presidential picture.

With the GOP currently fragmented from the relentless infighting, as examined in an earlier Inquisitr article, and the distrust and uncertainty clouding the DNC, now would be the time for Sanders to get such a party off the ground. People are struggling to maintain faith in their political parties and are looking for alternatives. With the wild popularity surrounding Sanders — he leads almost every political poll conducted by Harvard, whether it be popularity, leadership, or chances of being president in 2020 — he could potentially craft and lead a new party, rounding up the stragglers that are fleeing the traditional left and right.

Progressive politics have started to take over the conversation in America. People are turning their backs on the traditional methods from previous generations, as technological advances and social changes are happening at a rapid rate. The youth of America have been shaking the political sphere for nearly a decade, starting first with the Occupy movement and then again with the Bernie revolution. In light of a Trump presidency, the whispers are becoming roars — many would vote for Bernie Sanders for president in a 2020 election.

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