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‘Southern Charm’ Kathryn Dennis Speaks Out On Cousin Shelby

At the end of Monday night’s Southern Charm Season 4 premiere episode, viewers saw someone described as Kathryn Dennis’ cousin, a woman by the name of Shelby, question Kathryn’s sobriety and spread gossip about her while at a pool party. Although Kathryn’s ex, Thomas Ravenel, feebly defended Kathryn, Shelby implied that Kathryn wasn’t all together and healthy yet. The episode ended with Kathryn pulling up to a medical center to present a hair sample.

What does Kathryn think of what Shelby said about her? Apparently, Shelby may not even be Kathryn’s real cousin. As the scene aired, Kathryn tweeted that she and Shelby have “zero lineage together.”

So is Shelby a cousin via a stepparent? Someone asked Kathryn if her tweet means that Shelby is really someone she grew up with whom she just calls a cousin but Kathryn has yet to answer. Other people commented that Shelby, as family, should have never spoken negatively about Kathryn and that she’s clearly desperate for attention and fame to do so.

In response to a viewer who wondered why Kathryn’s cousin is at a party “on Kathryn’s show talking s**t” about her,” Kathryn posted three cat crying tears of joy emojis. Again, several viewers commented that Shelby was just desperate for relevance.

In response to another viewer’s tweet that all the “thirsty Charleston hoodrats” who was using Kathryn’s struggle for a few seconds of camera time are “real sick f**ks,” Kathryn posted three direct hit emojis.

Kathryn also pointed out that everyone can’t seem to stop talking about her.

Kathryn vowed that she’ll prove everyone wrong.

Shelby responded to Kathryn’s claim that she’s not family by pointing out that Kathryn, in an Instagram post from 2014, talked about their tight family bond.

Family is always #1 @shelbynoeldennis #bloodisthicker #dennisthemenaces #dominationabovestandards

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On the Southern Charm Season 4 premiere episode, it was revealed that Kathryn Dennis lost custody of her two children with Thomas Ravenel and that he, with hired help, was raising them in Charleston while Kathryn was out in California doing a rehab program. Later on, the cast, sans Kathryn, gathered at a pool party thrown by Eliza Limehouse, the daughter of one of Thomas’ best friends. When Shelby showed up, Craig Conover, who had just spoken to Kathryn on the phone and was told that she just got back in town, looked dismayed. Shelby asked Eliza if she invited Kathryn to the party. Eliza said that she did text Kathryn and that she’s supposed to be coming.

Later, Elizabeth Madison, in front of Thomas, asked Shelby if she has seen Kathryn lately. Shelby, in a very small bikini and stiletto heels, responded that she saw Kathryn at the end of August. When Liz asked if Kathryn is doing good, Shelby said that she’s “incredibly worried about her.” Shelby then said that she kicked Kathryn out of her place after a couple of weeks.

“She stayed with me for like a couple of weeks. I had to ask her to, I asked her to leave.”

The show then cut to Kathryn driving towards Charleston, presumably to attend the party. Back at the party, Thomas said that Kathryn completed the program, referring to the rehab program in California that Kathryn entered into over the summer. With a questioning smile, Shelby implied that Kathryn is still not completely sober.

“She completed the program but does that mean she’s really better?”

At another area, Eliza seemingly told Cameran Eubanks that Shelby was trouble.

“Genuinely in her heart she’s a good girl but she’s just confused and a little cray cray.”

On the next Southern Charm episode, will viewers see Kathryn show up to the party and shock everyone? Will she confront Shelby about gossiping about her? In response to a viewer who tweeted that Kathryn better enter the party in a fabulous fashion, Kathryn teased that she did by posting the hallelujah emoji.

It also remains to be seen whether viewers will see Kathryn Dennis talk about the extent of her substance abuse. Did she also drink and do drugs during her pregnancies? As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Thomas Ravenel, in April, 2016, tweeted that he’s getting their younger child, son Saint, tested for neurological damage from drugs. Thomas vowed that if it’s found that Saint suffers damages from Kathryn using drugs during her pregnancy, he’ll request criminal charges against Kathryn’s drug dealer.

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